• Greek artist name corrections

    24 Apr 2009, 15:33 by zexpe

    last.fm would like us to use the original native script for all Greek artists (see this thread), but the streams of most Greek artists are currently tied to the artist and track titles that are written in Greeklish. However, we can vote for the correct artist and track titles, which will cause the incorrect variations to redirect to the correct pages... and the streams will follow. To help make these corrections possible we need many people to vote for the correct titles, which is why there is a new group devoted to this: The Auto-Correct Correction Brigade.

    To learn more about the correct titles of Greek artists and tracks (i.e. no Greeklish or other encodings other than the native script, get your capitalisation and stresses correct) see the let's get our greek tags right group.

    Here's the list of Greek artist name corrections in alphabetical order (by artist surname) that currently do not have redirects in place and so require user voting (you can automatically vote for all…