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Alex Nelson stuns his listeners not so much as if he’s reading their minds but rather knowing their hearts without the usual smack of melodrama that tends to accompany music of this genre. “We all play scenarios of things that have happened or could have happened if we had just said something different or reacted a different way.” he says of the eleven tracks that manage to touch an ember of experience in anyone who’s ever had a relationship, completely dismissing the pleading sap and delivering the snap of reality we often need to finally take responsibility and make a new choice.

The lead track She Said unleashes the punch-in-the-gut of realization that “it’s over” and explores the absurdity of a last kiss and the struggle to keep composure until you can be alone to fall apart. From Mistake on through the entire CD all the songs make strong points, leaving no facet of the phases and faces of a break-up unexamined all while managing to beg the obvious question of why you wouldn’t want the person who has your heart to really know it in the moment it matters most.

From disbelief, shock, despair, acceptance, grief and longing , the prismatic spectrum of love had, lost, and better left behind are showcased and you’ll soon find yourself strumming along with Alex’s ‘Everyman’ journey; each melody stringing a story, taking you deeper into his pain and your own. After the dust settles and you collect the pieces of yourself, you’ll have the CD’s bonus eleven track mirror of instrumentals to reflect on as you try to move into the meantime of life-after -relationship.

With a stellar sense of humor fatefully paired with a lightning-fast wit, both onstage and off, Alex Nelson gets to the bottom of the human heart with all he says and does. His lyrics strip a person down to the soul to reveal a most universally undeniable factor: we all tend to think too much and hold back when we shouldn’t.

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