• seen live

    6 Jul 2011, 08:41 by syku

  • Just plain funky

    10 Mar 2006, 15:10 by Hirenj_au


    I got a great link this morning via my newsreader (via green plastic), for the video to the Mark Ronson and Alex Greenwald cover/remix of Just. First off, it's a great little video - sometimes I think that reality would be just that little more interesting if it were augmented like the way it is in that video. I guess that's why hallucinogenic drugs are so popular.

    Musically, the track is a great little number and I really like the funky nature of the track now. I think I'm looking forward to the tribute album [album]Exit Music: Songs For Radioheads[/album].

    On another note, I figure I should note the passing of 1 year of Last.fm membership. It's been a good 21,000 tracks so far. I've got something a bit more substantial in the works regarding my first year on AS/Last.fm, but I'm running a bit behind schedule in getting it done (Damn work).