• Song Of The Day - 13 Feb 2008: Hot Love

    13 Feb 2008, 19:27 by sablespecter

    Guilty Pleasure!*

    Aldo Nova / "Hot Love" / Aldo Nova (2) / Jan 1981

    Artist: Aldo Nova
    Original Album: Aldo Nova
    Track: Hot Love

    *As mentioned previously, every once in awhile I'll choose a guilty pleasure.

    Love Week, Day 4!

    Everybody who was around back in the early 80s (or appreciates early 80s rock) must remember the opening track from this album: Fantasy. Today's selection is my favorite from the album, though.

    He's a good guitar player and I wish he'd focus there, but he also played all the keyboards and there's just a bit too much of that, which is one reason why this is a "guilty pleasure" selection. Favorably, this track has more than enough good guitar breaks to make up for the somewhat-annoying key "strikes" here and there.

    This is the only Aldo Nova album I care for. The second album Subject had even more synthesizers and too many ballads for me. The rest I never bothered with very much.