• solipsistic NATION No. 211: ZZK Records

    11 Oct 2010, 06:07 by solipsisticast

    As you may or may no know, once a month on solipsistic NATION I showcase a music label that is putting out such amazing releases that I feel compelled to grab you by the ear and play music from their catalogue. I've been doing solipsistic NATION for over four years so I've managed to feature a god chunk of the music labels I love and while there are plenty of labels I want to tackle I'm starting to see the horizon. I'm only one person and as diverse as my taste and knowledge of music is there is a limit. To keep things fresh I'll ask folks on Twitter and Facebook which labels I should showcase on future editions of solipsistic NATION and ZZK Records came up time and time again.

    ZZK Records is based out Buenos Aires and when I approached Grant Dulles, the label's cofounder, about showcasing ZZK Records he was kind enough let me have access to the label's entire catalogue. I didn't know what to expect but to my surprise…