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Serbian RAC band, also known as Real Aggression and Aggressija. The oldest one Serbian WP band was formed at 1993.,under the name AGGRESSIJA, and the first members were Proki – voice, Kosta – guitar, Dzgunct – bass guitar and Neca – drums. At that time the music was based on street oi music, mostly because of social-political lyrics, evolving to a harder sound, combined with NS lyrics, which became a trademark of the band, and was establishing trough years. Playing this kind of music gets band to the (local) public eye, making them odious and notorious in the local medias. Diffulties haven’t stopped AGGRESSIJA to organize well visited concerts.

After establishing B&H Serbia, band successively plays all over the country under the mark of this movement, and makes it’s first studio records at 1996., which were published on the compilation B&H Serbia Vol.1, edition of Ian Stuart Donaldson Records. In 1998., after a brief brake, made because some members of the band had a military obligation, AGGRESSIJA starts with the more serious work, and new members – Relja-voice, and Marko-guitar. They’re also published their first album – “Mi Sa Sobom Nosimo Oluju”(We’re Carrying Storm With Us) in edition of B&H Serbia. Because of bad economic situation in Serbia, the album was published only as a tape edition, in small number of copies, so there’ a few of those that have it.

Several months after publishing their album, band fell into the krisis, because some members imagined themselves as the rock stars, starting to behave that way. The band was split into two fractions, so the founders Dzgunct and Neca are changing the name of the band to REAL AGGRESSION, and recording three new songs, published on “B&H Serbia Vol.2” compilation. Soon after, they are giving the interwiews for magazines like “B&H Hellas”, “B&H Spain”, etc., and participating to some compilations (“Glos Slowianskiej Dumy 1 & 2”, “Blood & Honour Vol.C18” and international “Blood & Honour Vol.5”, which containes song “Flower Of Serbia”, written by Richard Bondira (KKK Indiana)), REAL AGGRESSION gets to the studio, recording their second album – “One Story…”, published by East Side Records (Poland), 2005. next year, band is participating to the compilation “Serbian Explosion”, published by Pit Records (France), and with a brief brake after.

At the moment, Dzgunct is preparing a project with the Rasor 88 guitar player, named OPEN HAND SALUTE, and the third album of REAL AGGRESSION is also about to be ready.

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