• Adam Lambert - "Trespassing" Album Review

    13 May 2012, 09:32 by IrishGirl82

    With Adam Lambert you never know what to expect. He often surprises people with something shocking, something very new, different and interesting. And sure enough something good and unique. That‘s why he‘s so special as an artist. He‘s very exciting. And most of all he‘s an amazing person - what a wonderful personality! Once you‘ve met him, you‘ll fall completely in love. :)

    After Adams first genius album For Your Entertainment he took what seems like a very long time to write and record the next album. And yes, the wait was totally worth it! Trespassing - what an amazing album. It‘s one of those CD‘s that you listen to once and you know right away that you completely love it. And it‘s not just three, four songs that are great, as on most albums from other artists. It‘s the whole album! There‘s not even one song that I don‘t like.

    The album has got a great mixture of uptempo and massive and wonderful…