• Tool

    4 Jun 2009, 03:15 by jennabangs

    So has anyone seen the new video for Vicarious? Well I have and I was completely blown away. If you have not seen it yet, then you most certainly need to make it a point to see it in the near future. Adam Jones is a visionary. And I don't even want to make it sound so cheesy as that but if I must use a word, I would have to say something of that nature. I really can't explain the way I felt after watching this. It truly changed and inspired me...
  • Lustmord prépare son vinyl de remixs

    6 Jan 2009, 17:46 by lateralis
    C'est sur le blog d' Hydrahead que nous apprenons qu'après un "power lunch", Lunchmord euh non Lustmord pardon, prépare un (peut-être double) vinyl de remix des morceaux de son dernier album "OTHER". Justin Broadrick (Jesu) vient juste de terminer son remix du morceau " Dark Awakening". Adam Jones (oui oui l'homme aux cernes de Tool ) travaille sur un des morceau de l'album (dont nous ne connaissons pas encore le nom) et un autre morceau devrait être remixé par le grand gourou Aaron Turner (entre 2 sessions d'enregistrement du nouvel album d'Isis ). D'autres noms tomberont certainement un peu plus tard. Sortie prévue pour l'été 2009 !

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  • Mastadon & Tool at London's Wembley Arena 27 November: Review

    28 Nov 2006, 11:01 by msfliss

    I was lucky enough to get to see Tool in concert for the second time this year. You can read my review of the June concert here if interested.

    They were playing Wembley Arena, which is a much larger venue than the Hammersmith Apollo, in line with rumours that this leg of the tour was going to be "bigger" and "showier". Mastadon was the opening act - not really my cup of tea, but they had moments. And their beards crack me up - they seem like a bunch of college boys from the mid-west of America who decided to make a death metal band or something. And if I misclassified their metal genre, forgive me - I'm not a metalhead. Perhaps the best thing about Mastadon was their screen - it was a cloth banner with their name at the top and an image I found reminiscent of the artwork on Lateralus, with a figure in partial profile. They had contructed it in a way that it changed colours dramatically depending on the lights shining on it. Very nifty trick for a low-budget backdrop.
  • ISIS / Tool @ the Nassau Coliseum [10/07/06]

    8 Oct 2006, 20:57 by xthroughmyeyesx

    Where the fuck to begin? We got to the venue before Isis had started to play to, y'know, kick off the festivities with celebratory bowls and the lot. I ran into the whole world and then some, but on to the concert.

    Isis had started before I had gotten to my seat, they were only midway through the first song but holy FUCKING shit... their sound completely entranced me and I couldn't help but move along with the music and I swear it when I say I had an out-of-body experience. Their sound translated over to the big arena scene very successfully and their approach to writing music and playing it live captured me once again as they'd quickly become one of my favorite studio bands, and finally getting to see them live just set the fact in stone.

    They played a four song set, which when dealing with epic / terms equates to about a half an hour. There's only so much I could say, but seriously - I cannot wait 'til they come around again some time. If you ever get the chance, do not even think twice. …
  • Games, games, games...

    21 Jun 2006, 17:27 by xxPOGOxx

    Okay, so, there are tons of stupid games floating around, so I figured I post a journal about some ideas about a new game that might actually be kind of fun...

    It's like the "Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon" game, if you've ever played that, except we do it with music.

    Basically, you take a band member, let's say...Lemmy Kilmister from Motorhead, and you link him to some other band member.

    So, let's just make this a fairly easy one, but the rule is, only foward linking. That is to say...once I link Lemmy to Dave Grohl (drums in Nirvana, guitar, lead singer, frontman for Foo Fighters) through the 2004 Probot project, I can't go from Dave Grohl back to Queens of the Stone Age for his work on their 2002 CD Songs for the Deaf, but from Dave Grohl, I can go to Nine Inch Nails for the drumming he contributed on the 2005 With Teeth. But the fun doesn't end there, because Danny Lohner is a member of Nine Inch Nails, and worked on that CD, but he ALSO worked with Maynard James Keenan in the "Puscifer" side project…
  • I got an awesome sound..... GOIN DOWWWWNNNNNN!

    13 Jun 2006, 03:20 by phriedphishphan

    Awesome Sound is by far my favorite Ween song. And I have no idea why.

    I just listened to the Awesome Sound from 10-31-2003. They play it for 10 minutes. Dean Ween gets an extended solo at the beginning, and he sorta imitates Adam Jones from Tool, but he does it better, 'cause he's Deaner. And somehow they just keep that song going and jam it out for ten whole minutes. It's the most amazing thing I've ever heard.

    The lyrics to the song are only two lines, "I got an awesome sound goin down/I got a pork roll egg cheese and bacon", but I feel like I could sing along to those two lines forever.

    Ween are just absolutely brilliant and someday all of you will love them.Awesome sound
  • Tool Fans

    5 Mar 2006, 19:56 by Serpent_axed

    Jello Biafra said he read a note on Tool's bulletin board from someone who said 'Tool fans are about as obnoxious as Grateful Dead fans. I can relate to that sentiment somewhat. Is it true? I think that the Dead had a die hard cult type scene and I am not sure Tool fans are the equivalent. He relats that the riffs that Tool use are repetitive and also states that Adam Jones has a style like few other guitarists. I appreciate his attitude since I have seen the mobs that have flocked to Tool shows.
  • My two christmas gifts of this year

    20 Dec 2005, 18:37 by el_chivo

    You know you've become an old person when you start to give christmas gifts to yourself. Well, this year I surprised me with two great music purchases.

    The firs to come is the King Crimson double DVD called "Eyes Wide Open". Each DVD includes a concert. The first DVD contains a performance of the 2003 "The Power to Believe Japan Tour", was recorded in Tokio and also includes some low-res videos of the sound and camera check of the concert. The second DVD includes a performance in the Shepherds Bush Empire of London in the year 2000 (I think it's between "The ConstruKtion of the Light" Tour) and its has a very cool feature. The DVD includes some improvisation live sessions, so when you play the concert this improves come in at random every few songs; that means every time you play it is a different performance by the band.
    Both concerts have the 2000 re-encarnation of Crimson (before the return of Tony Levin). …