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  • Born

    21 July 1968 (age 48)

Abrar-ul-Haq (Urdu/Punjabi: ابرار الحق) (Abrar is also spelled as Ibrar) is a Pakistani pop, bhangra and folk singer. On his first album "Billo De Ghar" his name appears as simply "Abrar". His best-known work is the song "Billo De Ghar". Before becoming a singer, he was a teacher at Lahore's Aitchison College.

== Music and style ==
Abrar's music is sometimes considered of [] [], however, three genres, ‎‎[], [] and [] overlap in his musical work. His ‎most popular songs are in Punjabi language, although, he has sung almost equal number of ‎Urdu songs which are parts of all of his albums.‎

His [] language songs have not gained that kind of popularity which has been earned by his ‎Punjabi work. It is partly because of the vast difference of his style in these two ‎languages. His most Punjabi songs are upbeat, and lyrics are very down to earth ‎representing []i culture with a humorous touch and clever sarcasm. On the ‎other hand his Urdu music is mostly sad, romantic and patriotic. In some of his Urdu ‎songs, he has copied some Urdu classics of Pakistani music.‎

Although, beat is an essential part of Abrar's music but he choses his melodies very carefully and always tries to keep them consistent with the beat. He writes most of his songs, however, he often borrows poetry from [] poets of [] which he cleverly mixes up in his humours songs.

== Pioneer ==
Abrar-ul-Haq is arguably the pioneer of bhangra music in [] and one of most ‎influential musical figures of his country. He is considered ''The King of Pakistani Pop'' by ‎some fans.‎

He emerged in the era of heavy metal [] and with predominantly [] language pop ‎music. His debut single was a Punjabi song ''[]'' (Billo's home) which was ‎an instant hit.‎

== SAHARA for Life Trust ==
He is the founder and chairman of ''[]'' (tax exempted charity organization), a charitable organisation promoting health and education in remote areas. The term SAHARA stands for: "'''S'''ervices '''A'''imed at '''H'''ealth and '''A'''wakening in '''R'''emote '''A'''reas".

The abbreviation SAHARA has been chosen very cleverly as it is Roman script or [] for a word of [] ('''سہارا''') which means ''aid'' or ''assistance''.

== Discography ==
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=== Regular studio albums ===
* [] ([])
* [] ([])
* [] ([])
* [] ([], [])
* [] ([], [])
* [] ([], [])

=== Hits compilations / Studio albums ===
* [] ([])

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