• [WipEout HD / Fury]: Aero-R's Score

    16 Jul 2009, 16:13 by aero_sound

    Last update: July 16th, 2008


    WipEout HD, as every wipE'out'', has an important music part on it as we already know. The 90s, the electronic music side in UK.. the underground... but maybe this installment in the series with the Zone special design was getting more if possible when talking about the music on it. Those dynamic equalizers were asking each second for a new frequency.

    From the very start of my travel in the game I was asking myself about particular and specialized songs for it. I felt on that moment I should enjoy the default music first, specially 5.1 mastered for WipEout HD, until I had finished, or at least started in a right way, the design of a custom soundtrack at the quality level of WipEout HD.

    I was looking for music that would fit the design and concept art of the game. I was not looking for music with important vocal parts at all, neither slow music because I only loved Phantom speed and its feelings. …