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  • Years Active

    1997 – present (20 years)

There are three bands of the same name.

1: Abhorrence was a Finnish death metal band formed in 1989, which was active for one year only. They briefly reformed in 2013 for a few reunion gigs. They released their famous "Vulgar Necrolatry" demo tape, that was in heavy circulation all the way to mid 90’s in underground metal scene. The demo was followed by a self-titled EP, which was released by Seraphic Decay records, label which was infamous for ripping off the bands whose music they released. In 2012 Svart Records released Completely Vulgar, a compilation album (CD/2LP) with both the demo and EP with enhanced sound and additional low grade rehearsal and live material as bonuses.
The band featured guitarist Tomi Koivusaari who would go on to form Amorphis.

Abhorrence also recorded a rehearsal demo in May 1990 called "Macabre Masquerade". It was never officially released, but leaked into the public via C-cassette B-side recordings supplied to anyone ordering the demo tape from the band towards the end of the bands life span.

2: For Slovak Abhorrence (hardcore), tag your songs Abhorrence (SK) (http://www.last.fm/music/Abhorrence+%28SK%29)

3: Abhorrence is a Brazilian Death Metal Band
About the Brazilian Band

The Group of Death Metal Abhorrence comes from Brazil and and one of the most important bands in the country after groups like Sepultura and Sarcofago later alongside other renowned speakers like Krisiun and Rebaelliun. They also refer to his roots in 1987 when producer homemade, manager, singer, guitarist and bassist Kleber Varnier decided to create a blow to the ear of Death Metal Core limits the dirtiest, rotten and whose possible duos and trios which were burned in flames spontaneously and that happened in less than one year each, were the double enterred (BR) and Postmortem (BR) both (RIP), thus generating some rehearsels recorded in (K7 and VHS) is still in the years between the period 1988 to 1991 .
It was late 1990 when guitarist Kleber Varnier met banger Rangel Arroyo.
Together, they begin to test their own ideas and then in 1990, they form what would be some years later, with all the experience that Black Death Metal Trash Splatter Gore who had the group Abhorrence (BR).
Before playing some covers and rode some pearls that were recorded on tapes K7. Some names like Corrosion Inside, Evisceral Catastrophysm and Repugnance (RIP) were just some of the names logos by Rangel Arroyo (guitars, vox) who was also a good designer for groups of that era.
It was only in 1995 that Rangel Arroyo (guitar) and his brother Fernando Arroyo (Drums) with a school friend named Alessandro Almeida (guitar) decided to take their music seriously and compose Death Metal.
The original name Repugnance chosen for the set was inspired by the American group and his classic album Broken Hope "Bowels Of Repugnance" cult gore fully reference the scene today.
But It was not all flowers Alessandro Almeida (guitar) left the band early, they had thrown up his first composition, here was the match that the group has been inactive for a period up to April 1996 meanders when they found Gustavo Lamabari (vocals and guitar ) and after soon Kleber Varnier would be invited to the bassist, before this Kleber Varnier played guitar with Fernando and Rangel Arroyo in previous rehearsels.
But it happened again, a new low this time succeeds Gustavo Lambari( guitars and vox) decided to go to Brazil's annual carnival and leave to rehearsels with the band and played as a thrio without him, was in early February 1997, when Fernando Arroyo, Kleber Varnier and Rangel Arroyo and her group decided to restructure once again and leave like a fucking power thrio closing fervently as demons in his garage in order to build their compositions with fury and skill that the name has a classic ode to "Stillborn" of American band Malevolent Creation inspiration that gave birth to a new name that emerged from the excellent track "Disciples of Abhorrence".
Since 1997, disgust with the original line that made Abhorrence break out across the globe: Fernando Arroyo (drums), Kleber Varnier (bass, manager) and Rangel Arroyo (guitar, vocals), released the following records:

Abhorrence-Ascension-K7 independent demo, 1997
Abhorrence-Ascension-CD5 by Wild Rags Rec. 1998
Abhorrence-Mayhemic Intense alive by Cursed Leprosy Rec. 1998
Abhorrence-Triumph in Blasphemy-K7 independent demo 1999
Abhorrence-Triumph demo tracks in CD 4way Assault Relapse Rec. USA 2000
Evoking the Abomination Abhorrece-Rec Evil Vengeance Rec. 2000
Abhorrence Evoking Euro 2001 album by Listenable Rec.
Abhorrence-Mayhemic + Heritage by Cursed Leprosy Rec. 2005

PS the original bass player has every right to property and creations of Abhorrence here as well as copyright was in the band.

Kleber Varnier formed several groups and projects and will thri in 2011 that these materials will be leaked to the global network.

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