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  • Abbhama: Alam Raya (1978)

    28 Mar 2006, 05:59 by Progbear

    Abbhama were a real, live 70’s act from Indonesia. While I can’t say they were the most exciting example of the genre, they were certainly talented. Singer Iwan Majdid is a little on the flimsy side (expression-wise, anyway, he hits all the notes OK), but he adds some nice additional piano to the main keyboardist’s arsenal of organ, Clavinet, electric piano and various synths. There’s also some flute and oboe adding extra symphonic textures to the mix.

    The big disappointment about this album is that they never kick it up to the next level, never pushing beyond merely “nice” into the mindblowing prog experience I know they could have been. As close as they come to really cutting loose is the bit of “God Save The Queen” at the beginning and end of one of the tunes. And, sadly, that’s the album’s tasteless low point.

    Released only on cassette, so the sound quality is hopeless.