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There are three artists using this name:

1) Melbourne based Australian artist Roderick Price (age 25) began life as a visual artist with strengths in graphic drawing, illustration and painting. Rod completed his fine art Diploma in 2003 at Box Hill TAFE and in 2006 completed his fine arts Degree at RMIT University.
During his studies at RMIT Rod adapted his fine arts practice to the digital realm where he developed an eye for digital imaging and more importantly was exposed to the medium of sound.
Rod’s attendance of the ‘sound art’ and ‘sound design’ courses at RMIT dramatically altered the direction of his fine art practice. The sound courses introduced Rod to the academic and artistic movements in music. He instantly identified with the connections and relationships between musical and fine art movements and saw ‘sound’ as an exciting medium in which to explore his own fine art practice that wasn’t restricted to the picture plane.

Rod grew up on a diet of grunge rock but it wasn’t long until he was exposed to electronic artists like Autechre, Aphex Twin and Squarepusher. The more he searched for new and exciting music the deeper underground Rod found himself, discovering more and more artists and labels that supported his own aesthetic ideas.

Most of Rod’s work, both visual and sonic, expresses a dark aesthetic quality that employ methods of abstraction and manipulation. Rod’s compositions often refer to ideas found in industrial,dark wave,ambient,noise and electro acoustic music. His objective is to compose music that ignites strong emotional responses in the listener, both on a physical and psychological level.

Rod is currently doing Post Grad studies at RMIT in SOUND. He has been very lucky to have studied under the academic and artistic watch of RMIT sound lecturer and Melbourne based composer Darrin Verhagen (Shinjuku Thief) who’s influence has been one of the largest on Rod’s work. Rod also has been studying surround sound under lecture/composer Philip Samartzis.

2) Amnion was born in 2000 in order to spread plague and death. When Nemac, Drizzt and Damastor joined their needs to create raw and aggressive music with pure feeling and total devotee spirit to the most pure Underground Old School Black Metal. Between December 2002 and January 2003 the first Demo Tape was recorded called “The Return Of Total Desolation”. The Result was 5 abominations (plus 1 tribute to the Ancient Gods Beherit) full of both, Feeling and Aggression. It was released by Calabozo Records limited to 500 copies which were sold out very quickly. The next pact with the Dark was the EP called “Burn The Forest”. 2 destructive hymns of Old School Black Metal composed the same time that the Demo , recorded in late 2004 and finally released by Calabozo Records in 2006. So far, the band have made several live profanations with bands such as Horna, Taake, Celestia, Nechroschristos, Argar, and so on. Nowadays AMNION has finished the Debut Album “Cryptic Wanderings”, their work more cryptic and desolating ever…

3) Amnion is from Glassell Park, CA. Glossolalia Park?
Amnion formed in the Summer of 2007, and began work on their debut album "AmenNamO" in the Fall of 2007. They are readying material for their second full-length, and plan to record again in the Summer of 2008.

Amnion is accessible neo-pagan-pop-psychedelia in the vein of Arcade Fire & Animal Collective meets Stevie Wonder & Paul McCartney Wings, or David Bowie & theSupremes meets Queen & Carole King. The lyrics are about self-dis-re-covery and LOVE in the nowHERE&afterlife told in plain terms, sparing metaphors, often mantric.
LeadVocal duties are shared by the husband/wife members of the band, Aaron and Nikki Embry, and group singing is a staple of their live shows. Instrumentation is Drums, Piano, Bass, Guitar, Keyboards, and live treatments.

Standout tracks on "AmenNamO" are difficult to choose, but if you must test the water before you decide to jump "All the Way" in, start your morning with "Praise gOd for the Light Within Me", and give yourself a dose of "Heart Breath Magik", along with "A Ton" of "One Love".

CD copies of "AmenNamO" will be sold in stores and at Amnion's live shows, and "AmenNamO" is being offered in it's entirety as a high-quality download at amnion.bandcamp.com/album/amennamo

More tracks available on the front page at


The current members of Amnion are :

*Nikki and Aaron Embry (Elliott Smith, Daniel Lanois, Jane's Addiction, EdwardSharpe&theMagneticZeros),

*Steven Nistor (Sparks, Gnarls Barkley),

*Brett "Cookieman" Farkas (Solomon Burke),

*Ian Walker (K.D.Lang, Jesca Hoop, the Ditty Bops)

"AmenNamO" was recorded by Amnion with:

Adam Samuels (Daniel Lanois, John Frusciante)
Kenny Woods ( Anders&Woods, That Dog, Blood on the Wall)

Their website URL is:

email the band at:

or myspace them at:

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