• The Delightful 65 of the 90's! (Best Albums 1990-1999)

    Dic 4 2010, 9:29 di thomas10

    1 Radiohead - OK Computer
    Using the textured soundscapes of The Bends as a launching pad, Radiohead delivered another startlingly accomplished set of modern guitar rock with OK Computer. The anthemic guitar heroics present on Pablo Honey and even The Bends are nowhere to be heard here. Radiohead have stripped away many of the obvious elements of guitar rock, creating music that is subtle and textured yet still has the feeling of rock & roll. Even at its most adventurous -- such as the complex, multi-segmented "Paranoid Android" -- the band is tight, melodic, and muscular, and Thom Yorke's voice effortlessly shifts from a sweet falsetto to vicious snarls. It's a thoroughly astonishing demonstration of musical virtuosity and becomes even more impressive with repeated listens, which reveal subtleties like electronica rhythms, eerie keyboards, odd time signatures, and complex syncopations. …
  • Number 6,000

    Gen 16 2008, 19:35 di sneaky424

    Pete Yorn - EZ


    (I really secretly wanted it to be I Left My Wallet in El Segundo haha)
  • Techno & Electronica For Novices

    Ott 23 2007, 4:31 di pattymcg

    So you've decided to start liking "electronic" music. Good choice. This will rock your ass if you let it! Techno/electronica (the two terms are almost interchangeable) is one of the broadest, most underrated genres in music, and will rock your ass if you let it. Trouble is, with most of the action happening below the mainstream radar and with so much diversity of style and talent, Techno music is not easy to get into. Fortunately for YOUR ass, I'm digging into my library and taking this very issue on tonight!

    I'm gonna narrow it down by asking the most important question straight away: Where are you coming from, taste-wise? Whatever you dig, techno's got a style for ya.

    Really? You're... you're into... Okay, how did you find this journal? Well, dear music lover, on the plus side, you're probably going to have an easier time than anyone digging electronic music, since there's a lot of instrumental techno out there that's right up your alley. …