• WANTED: KC/Lawrence (& more) Music

    8 Jan 2013, 01:39 by thisisahiijack

    1. This is an ever-growing list of bands and albums I am searching for. Much like the 'haves' journal, not all of these artists are current residents of the area, but all of them have called the region home at one time or another.
    2. This list will never be completely up-to-date, as there are so many musicians that have come out of the area and have released albums with multiple bands. I've also chalked it up to a near-impossibility that I will ever get all of these, but I can try.
    3. I'm open for almost all types of music. If you have something you may not see here, don't let that keep you from speaking up about it. The only types of music I make a general rule not to track down are those who lean more towards a sound of rap rock/nu-metal (downthesun, 8 degrees, Canvas), bar band/classic rock/hair metal/general guitar wankery (Puddle of Mudd fits into the bar band category, the others I don't care to list examples for), or bad rap (Tech N9ne, countless others).
  • Lyrics game :D

    5 Jul 2006, 02:09 by Kzeon

    You know the game, have fun ! If you don't know the answer, don't look on the internet or digging on artists page, it's a bit shitty. Try to play fairly and let having fun the people who know the answers :)

    1-I fought the decisions that called and lost.
    My mark has the revelant piece in this.
    I will come reformed.

    2-Cuz I need to watch things die...

    3-Well I was caught in the rain, waisting my time on the ground...

    4-and it's too late to leave this life behind
    everybody's speaking using words they can't define
    and it's not my choice but i embrace it nonetheless
    you brag of your indecency like a monkey beats its chest

    5-Maybe tonight we’ll get back together.
    Sound the alarms and break all the levers.

    6-What if I wanted to break
    Laugh it all off in your face
    What would you do?

    7-some things never change
    some things never go away
    i could never forget you
    and i will never be the same

    8-Intergalactic Planetary...