• downtempo/trip hop mixtape.

    3 Apr 2009, 01:24 by dystemper

    so here's something i haven't done in a long time.

    70 minutes of the stuff i've been listening to a lot of lately. standards are the same -- warm, fuzzy bass, a little glitching, a little tripping, a little groovy funk, with mostly instrumentals, and couple vocal tracks thrown in for good measure. it's got a very cinematic feel throughout, mostly because of the heavy sampling work. made for the express purpose of pressing play and making the world a better place. for lovers of turntables and good music in general. enjoy, and let me know what you think.

    as always, support these artists if you enjoy any of these tracks. they aren't big names, so their talents should be rewarded.

    mixtapes by alx: so i hear you want to know the same girls i do.

    1. Depth Charge - Number 9 (Edit) (4:48)
    2. Emancipator - With Rainy Eyes (4:57)
    3. Emancipator - Good Knight (5:05)
    4. Anomie Belle - Down (3:49)
    5. Dirty Elegance - Leaves of Autumn (3:16)
    6. Metaform - Brick And Mortar (3:14)
    7. The Aloof - Bittersweet (6:43)