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Outlawz (also The Outlawz and Outlaw Immortalz) is an American rap group from Essex County, New Jersey, founded by Tupac Shakur in late 1995 after his release from prison. Collectively, they are probably best known for appearing in the video for, and rapping on "Hit 'Em Up".

Outlaw is an acronym for Operating Under Thug Laws As Warriors. In the Earlier years of the Outlawz they were known as Dramacydal. Dramacydal first appeared on the 2Pac's 1995 Me Against the World album, the Outlawz were on the title track "Me Against The World" & "Outlaw". Dramacydal was composed of:

* K-Dog - Later name changed to Kastro
* Young Hollywood - Later name changed to Yaki Kadafi
* Big Malcolm - Later name changed to E.D.I. Mean

When he signed to Death Row upon his release from prison, Shakur recruited his stepbrother Mopreme Shakur and Big Syke. Bruce Washington and Mutah Beale were also added, and together they formed the original lineup, which debuted on 2Pac's multi-platinum smash All Eyez on Me , on the song "When We Ride ". Other times members of the Outlawz appear on the record, they are still credited as "Dramacydal".

The idea behind the group was for each member to have a rap name coinciding with the names of various tyrants or enemies of America, past and present.

* Tupac Shakur, stage name 2Pac, was the leader of the group, and gave himself the title of Makaveli after Italian political philosopher Niccolò Machiavelli; his was the only pseudonym which wasn't taken from a dictator, though Machiavelli was a philosopher for dictatorship.

* Yaki Kadafi, Real name Yafeu Fula, Godbrother and childhood friend of 2Pac, was given the name Yaki Kadafi after Lybian Colonel Gadaffi.

* Kastro, Real name Katari Cox, Cousin of 2Pac, was given the alias Kastro after Cuban president Fidel Castro.

* E.D.I. Mean, Real Name Malcolm Greenridge, was given the alias E.D.I. Mean after Ugandian president Idi Amin.

* Hussein Fatal, Real Name Bruce Washington, Introduced to 2pac by childhood friend Yaki Kadafi, given the name Hussein Fatal after former Iraqi president Saddam Hussein.

* Napoleon, Real Name Mutah Beale, Childhood friend of Kadafi, was given the name Napoleon after French emperor Napoleon Bonaparte.

* Mussolini, Real name Tyruss Himes. Previously known as Big Syke. Was in 2Pac's first group, Thug Life. Joined the Outlawz under the alias Mussolini, after former Italian president Benito Mussolini.

* Komani, Real name Mopreme Shakur. Tupac's stepbrother and previously in 2Pac's first group, Thug Life. Joined the Outlawz under the alias Komani, after Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini.

* Young Noble, Last official member.

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