• [MIR2006] British Murder Boys - All the Saints have been Hung

    26 Feb 2007, 19:55 by othiym23

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    This record is genuinely creepy, but only if you know its context. The first and last tracks are more of the British Murder Boys' ultra-refined -, as relentless and sophisticated as anything they've ever done, with their haunted electronic drones and twitchy, shifting beats. Aphex Twin at his darkest has never managed to pull off this exact mixture of creepiness and complexity; the only artist I can compare this to is Leo Anibaldi at his best, which will enlighten the two or three readers who remember Anibaldi.

    "Hate is Such a Strong Word", though, is the killer: a restrained industrial bed over which is laid one of the frightening speeches of Jim Jones, architect of one of the most disturbing cult suicides of the last several hundred years. I've heard bits and pieces of this speech elsewhere (incongruously enough, it serves as the intro to a Renegade Soundwave track, and oddly enough…