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  1. gaia were a melodic rock visual-kei band active during the turn of the century. Like many bands of this time period, gaia went through a few…

  2. S was formed in 1998 by O-Zekki (later on changed to Zekki-) on bass and Yuna and Itsuki (whose name used to be Luka) on guitar. All three were…

  3. Members
    Vocal: Hiro
    Guitar: Maya
    Guitar: Koni
    Bass/Chorus: Nao (Sense of Shape → S.S → If → gaia → the TRADS)

    Vocal: TOMO (Misty…

  4. MIRAGE was created by KISAKI (Phantasmagoria). MIRAGE was in activity only for 3 years, but had lot of cds and concerts and yet fans.
    MIRAGE was…

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  6. ANGEL+DUST was an indies visual kei band. Formed in 1997.05.09 and disbanded 1999.10.09. From start to late 1998 they released several limited &…

  7. QUASAR was formed in October 1997 as a side project of SHIGE (D≒SIRE) and JUN≒NA (Kill=slayd).
    The other musicians were support members.


  8. Kneuklid Romance were:

    Yutaka - Vocals
    Kenichi - Guitar
    Takuya - Guitar
    Tatsuya - Bass
    Gaz - Drums

  9. Phobia is a Japanese visual-kei band from Nagoya, Japan. Phobia are one of the most well known and popular indie Nagoya-kei style bands. Lively and…

  10. D≒SIRE was an influential band that took part of the indies visual kei scene in the 90s.
    Founded by Yukiya Fujita, president of the Kreis label,…

  11. La’Mule came out of what seems to be nowhere and took the indies world by storm. Their look may have started off like that of your typical…

  12. Distray were:

    Vocal: MaSa (→Distray→LAYBIAL(聖月))
    Guitar: Ruiza (→Distray→LAYBIAL(涙沙)→Syndrome→D)  
    Guitar: 泉 (→BURST→Distray→Madeth…

  13. An old hand in the indies scene, Madeth gray'll were an aggressive presence from 1997 until their disbanding in January, 2001. With their dark,…

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  15. Years active: 1995-1999

    Vocal … KAZUKI
    → CANARY → 凛廻! → Rinne

    Bass … 紫乃 (now ユーゼ)
    → LA VALLIÉRE → CANARY → Vice†Risk → La'miss†fairy(紫乃) →…

  16. NéiL (ネイル) 1996 - 2000
    grass thread / Jame / VKDB

    NéiL was one band from the Key Party record label.

    Vo. Daisuke (ZIJABEL→NéiL→Jezebel)

  17. LINE UP

    * Vocal : Akinori
    * Guitar : Sera
    * Guitar : haruca

    * Bass : TAKAMASA
    * Guitar : Motoki
    * Drums : Kei

  18. For the band who started activities on 2013/05/31, please use LAGNA.

    Lagna was a japanese visual kei band, active from 1998-2000.

    Even though…

  19. DEFLOWER consisted of early Noir Fleurir artist. The members include TOMO as guitarist, 可憐 on guitar, KENGO on bass, 草紙 on drums and 靖 as the…

  20. Vo : 魅吊→MITSURU (→KIZ-ETU→雫...→)  
    Gu : KATSU (→STEINLESS(Ba)→スカトロヘルシーデス→雫...→Medical Trance Peach→RAMAR→)  
    Gu : 碑澄→HIZMI (→KIZ-ETU→雫...→Medical…


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