• The problem with visual kei

    16 Jan 2010, 03:53 by kurohime

    I have a big problem with visual kei: I enjoy it very much, but I can’t exactly tell what it is.

    It has been almost a decade listening to visual kei bands and many of them seem completely unrelated. On Tonberry Torrents, about 2 years ago, I started a topic called "What visual kei truly is... (I don't know anymore)" in an attempt to find out what's the real nature of VK: Music genre, subculture, just fashion? That was the first time I tried to end this issue that troubles me so much, but the discussion never lead to a conclusive answer and I stopped reading the replies some time after I started the topic.

    My only source for everything visual kei-related is the internet. I’m part of this virtual community that enjoys visual kei, but has never sensed what it’s like in japanese culture; the crucial experience! Everything I read on the internet seems created by people who also happen to only know visual kei by this virtual world that didn’t start the movement.

    What are the origins of visual kei?