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  1. Vior gloire was one of UNDER CODE PRODUCTION's newest bands prior to their closing in 2013. Following in the footsteps of past members' band, GRiST,…

  2. ミサルカ (misaruka) is a Japanese visual kei band. Their music can be described as symphonic metal.

    Official Homepage | Myspace

    Current members:…

  3. Dear L'Novel was a visual-kei band that played symphonic rock/metal music, influenced both musically and visually by LAREINE. Their concept was that…

  4. (2008-2010)

    Ellseed is a visual kei band from Japan, formed Summer '08. Their band concept is 「感情と情景」 - "emotions and scenes".



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  6. A "visual-kei" rock band from Osaka, Japan.

    Years active: 1994 - 1999

    "STELLA MARIA" had a lot of member changes in their activity. The band…

  7. FeaDior is a japanese visual kei band that formed on August 6, 2006. They disbanded on February 3, 2008 @ HOLIDAY SHINJUKU.

    Vocal: 壱-itu-…

  8. ラッド (Pronounced: Rado / Lad) was an indies Visual Kei Rock band from Tokyo, Japan. The four-member band was formed in April of 2007, and held…

  9. Members
    Part: Vocals
    Blood Type : AB
    Birthday: August 23rd
    History: Chrysprase (As Kai Asuka) → Girl → Ga♂ru → LEMON HEART (as keita) →…

  10. BUG Vocalist : 妖芽 -Ayame- (ex 弥叉)
    BUSTA Guitarist : 真夜 -Shinya-
    G.O.D Guitarist : 神葵 -Shyngi-
    EROTICAL 5strings : 杏汰 -Kyota- (ex 弥叉)

    Ex Drums - …

  11. Schmelz Cure was a Japanese Rock band from Sendai, Japan.

    They were formed in early 2005 with 3 members, Hibari, REy and Rin. Kanade…

  12. Visui is the solo project of MOTOKI - former guitarist of the Visual kei band D'AIR - developed by him some time after the band have entered on…

  13. シンディケイト is a Japanese Visual Kei band that started activities in 2006 under the name CindyKate.
    In 2008, CindyKate changed the writing of their…

  14. E'm~grief~ is a visual kei band signed to Under Code Production, formed in May 2008. While not the most prolific band to join UCP, having only…

  15. Яisk un logic is a 'kotekote' visual kei ("old school" vk) band.

    They used to have 4 members but after 2 of them left for Metis Gretel they are…

  16. (2008-2009)



  17. Jewel formed in 2008 and disbanded in 2010

    Jewel members :
    Vocal : JIN(ex- Sephiro (as 陣))
    Guitar : 怜 -Rei- (ex- TRANS PARENT → 悪いヤツ!)
    Guitar :…

  18. LAST EVA is an indies visual-kei band that started their activities 2008/05/03.

    Vo: たー
    → DIST → ピーチフィズ → ラストイヴ
    Gu: 隼兎
    → アンデット, ピーチフィズ → ラストイヴ…

  19. Villain was a rock/metal visual kei band signed to CROW MUSIC. The band formed on March 25, 2006 by the four members of ギル, with the edition of…

  20. * Note: The correct artist name for this band is It

    It was a visual kei metal band from Kantou, Japan active from January 2006 to July 2009. mar…


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