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chariots(チャリオッツ) is a band that formed in November 2007 by Riku ex.
Phantasmagoria and were signed to UNDER CODE PRODUCTION. The band ceased activities in 2010.2.28 because most of chariots members left the band with the exception of Riku. and in late 2011 it was announced at chariots presents live "subculture F-edition-toKyo-" at Takadanobaba CLUB PHASE at that they would commence formal band activities (instead of current Vo.戮(RIKU) solo project).They would make a brief return in 2012 with their current line-up: V. RIKU / G. KAZ / G.Neo / B. Jin / D. MIKAGE, although this would only last until 2013.

In 2016 chariots has reformed with all of the members from 2012-2013 except Gu. Neo (ねお).

With this, they announced their first single, Toge Toga (棘咎), which would be released on February 2nd, containing one song could only be obtained from Like an Edison stores and only limited copies were available. The band held their first live on April 4th at Ikebukuro Edge, titled “chariots presents more glitch reception vol.1.”

On 2017/09/09 chariot's announced that guitarist KAZ had been hospitalized because of his poor health condition. The physician said that, in view of his condition, he was not able to continue the band for now. As for now, they did not know what illness he has and they are carrying out examinations to ascertain his illness.
Despite this, the band would continue without him.

chariots suspended activities after a oneman live titled , "Zankyou CRADLE" (残響クレイドル)", on 2017-11-23 at EDGE IKEBUKURO. From the start of the suspension of the activities of chariots they will play under the name 37564-ミナゴロ-( 37564 minagoro). The hiatus however, they said would be brief. chariots also said that Kaz has had limited contact with the band and he actually left, it is unclear whether he will return to the band. chariots announced several guest guitarists leading up to the temporary hiatus: 弥妓 (yako) (ピサロ (pisarro)), 楓 (kaede) (ピサロ (pisarro)), 祐弥 (yuya) (ex-DuelJewel), 刻 (toki) (ex-Black Gene for the Next Scene), N∀O (ex-REALies),
渚‐Nagisa‐(シュヴァルツカイン (schwarzkain)) ,Ryusei(まみれた (mamireta)) as well as secret guest guitarist which would be announced on 2017-11-12. The new secret guitarist was revealed as 蜘影 (Chikage) (ex-Megaromania)

chariots disbanded on April 22, 2018.

戮 (Riku) - Vocals (2007.12 - 2013.5.26, 2016.4.15 - 2018)
→ KAWON → HISKAREA → Phantasmagoria → chariots → 凛, chariots → chariots

迅 (Jin) - Bass (2016.4.15 - 2018), Support Bass (2012 - 2013)
→ feathers-blue → PROJECT Eden (support) → THE.LAST (support) → Black:List → Since1889 (support) → ジゴロ (support), DEPAIN (support) → UnsraW → chariots (support) → SHAPE SHIFTER, SAVAGE (support) → chariots

美景 (Mikage) - Drums (2016.4.15 - 2018)
→ Eze:quL → Schwardix Marvally (support) → KISAKI PROJECT (support), 妃&関西貴族 → R.E.D., 妃&関西貴族, KISAKI PROJECT (support), 人生ロシアンルーレット → バビロン → HIZAKI grace project → 弐月ノ参拾伍日, HIZAKI grace project → HIZAKI grace project, Juka (support) → VII-Sense → dolore (support), DAS:VASSER (support) → chariots

Former Members:
秋都 (Akito) - Guitar (2007.12 - 2010.02.27)
→ Mebius → Pashya → chariots→ 凛

知 (Tomo) - Guitar (2007.12 - 2010.02.27)
→ SAT → the Pumpkin Head → chariots

絽希 (Loki) - Bass (2009.01.01 - 2010.02.27)
→ Dios=Kuroi → the Pumpkin Head → 176BIZ (support) → chariots

零也 (Reiya) - Drums (2007.12 - 2010.02.27)
→ イナズマ → Pashya → chariots→ 凛

憂里 (Yuuri) - Bass (2007.12 - 2008.12.25)
frame work boutique (roadie) → F'eria → nord → Secile → ジャガー → chariots → Cu(be) → Dear Rain (support) → Lucifer's underground
シノ (Shino) - Support Guitar (2012 - 2013)
→ sigmund → SCISSOR → MiU → chariots (support)

叶真 (Towma) - Support Guitar (2012 - 2013)
→ dolore → chariots (support) → D.I.D.

斐静 (Hizka) - Support Drums (2012)
→ Spider lily → キス&ネイト (support) → dolore → chariots (support) → Need

兼継 (Kentz) - Support Drums (2013)
→ Sepia → 「あゃ」 → GeNe → chariots (support)

Neo (ねお) support guitar (2013)
→ Edogawa PARADOX (江戸川パラドクス) → chariots (support)

KAZ - Guitar (2016.4.15 - 2017.11.23 )
→ VII-Sense → Grenzen der Traum → VAMPIRE ROSE (support) → GENGAH. → chariots

Band concept: Aggressive art

2007.12.05 MAXI SINGLE 「Jade / cold pray」
2008.01.31 V.A. 「CROSS GATE 2008 ~Chaotic Sorrow~」参加収録曲「Jade」
2008.03.12 MAXI SINGLE 「唯」
2008.04.16 MAXI SINGLE 「我」
2008.05.14 MAXI SINGLE 「独」
2008.08.20 V.A. 「Past New Phase」~Phantasmagoria Tribute Album DELUXE EDITION~参加収録曲「Camouflage」、「Fairy times memory」
2008.09.13 V.A. chariots&Versaillesツーマン「ART OF "Propaganda"」でCD 参加収録曲「shred」
2008.11.12 MAXI SINGLE 「トリガー」
2008.12.10 MINI ALBUM 「錆び付いた銃弾」
2008.12.10 MINI ALBUM 「凍てついた銃口」
2008.12.18 LIVE SOLD ONLY CD 渋谷O-WESTにてCD発売記念&1st ANNIVERSARYワンマン「銃声、そこからはじまる。」会場限定発売CD「虹」(Pashya名曲)
2008.12.18/22/25 LIVE DIST. 渋谷O-WEST/OSAKA MUSE にてCD発売記&1st ANNIVERSARY東名阪ワンマン公演「銃声、そこからはじまる。」ワンマン全3会場来場者全員に無料配「エミリィー」 (the pumpkin head名曲)
2009.04.08 MAXI SINGLE 「ablaze my sorrow」
2009.07.15 MINI ALBUM 「今軌跡省ミル-唯我独尊完全盤- 」
2009.10.07 MAXI SINGLE 「光」
2009.11.04 MAXI SINGLE 「灰」
2009.12.09 MAXI SINGLE 「闇」
2010.02.03 BEST ALBUM 「package」
2010.12.15 ライブ会場&通信販売限定SINGLE「亜種」
2012.12.12 mini-album 「griever」

After Reformation Discography:

2016.02.01 棘咎 (togetoga)
2016.04.15 閃光 (senkou)
2016.07.13 忌際 (Kisai)
2016.10.12 V.A. DEEP MORE DEEP#4 with a remake of their song "シュガァパウダー (sugar powder)"
2016.11.16 深紅に揺らめく、儚き鶺鴒 (shinku ni yurameku hakanaki sekirei)
2016.12.09 griever (a new recording of their song "griever")
2017.04.05 Succubus
2017.08.23 Revenir
2017.09.27 -照準はdessinされたアイツの影- (-Shōjun wa dessin sa reta aitsu no kage-)

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