• best female voices in k-pop (no specific order)

    2 Apr 2012, 01:02 by aborable

    에일리 (Ailee)
    This girl is purely amazing. When I first listened to Heaven (if you never listened to it, you should) I got goosebumps. Her voice is powerful and unique. Her high notes are amazing. Everyone says she's overrated, but for me she deserves all the attention she's getting, and much more. She's talented like hell.

    She had me at the "I'm in my dream~" high note on 좋은 날 (Good Day). I mean, that is absolutely unbelievable. I got breathless because God, that girl can hold that note. Her voice is one of the sweetest voices ever. It's really high-pitched, which makes it even more impressive. Just... Wow.

    정은지 (Jeong Eunji)
    Did you see that girl perform I Love You I Do? Before I listened to that I thought her voice was just the high-pitched basic one, like in MY MY, and I got completely fooled into that. I was seriously shocked. It's absolutely amazing, and it changes a lot. I'm an A Pink fan and I love her as a part of the group, but I really think the best decision would be to debut her solo. …
  • Who's Your Bias?

    14 Feb 2012, 06:10 by aborable

    ▶ Ignoring solo artists, list your TOP 7 overal duos/groups/bands.
    ▶ List your original bias and then your current bias of each one.
    ▶ Kpop only ;)

    01. 보이프렌드
    Original bias: Kwangmin.
    Current bias: Jeongmin.

    02. 소녀시대
    Original bias: 수영 (Sooyoung)
    Current bias: 수영 (Sooyoung)

    03. 2PM
    Original bias: 장우영 (Jang Wooyoung)
    Current bias: 장우영 (Jang Wooyoung) & 닉쿤 (Nichkhun)

    04. A Pink
    Original bias: Bomi, 정은지 (Jeong Eunji)
    Current bias: Chorong

    05. SHINee
    Original bias: 민호 (Minho)
    Current bias: 민호(Minho)

    06. Miss A
    Original bias: 수지 (Suzy)
    Current bias: 수지 (Suzy)

    07. 2NE1
    Original bias: CL
    Current bias: CL