• The songs of my life..

    7 Jun 2014, 01:26 by yahan_yeoja

    Just some (nostalgic) songs, I would love to hear on my wedding.. some day XD

    *In no definite order

    1. Ирина Флорин - Мога
    2. 本田美奈子 - HEARTS ON FIRE
    3. KinKi Kids - 情熱
    4. Se7en - 라라라 (Remix)
  • So I succumbed... to the IN MY PANTS meme~

    4 Jan 2007, 19:29 by akenon

    Put your audio player software on random. Post the title of the first twenty songs that come up. Append "in My Pants" to the end of each title.
    The top 20 list of things in my pants:

    01. PANIC☆ch - Love Letter in My Pants. :x

    02. ORANGE RANGE - Japanese People in My Pants. OMG... XDDDDD;

    03. Gwak Eun Gi - to h in My Pants.

    04. Tommy heavenly6 - Hey my friend in My Pants. Hello, friend! XDDDDD;

    05. Plastic Tree - アブストラクト マイ ライフ in My Pants. There's a whole life in my pants? xox;

    06. Supercar - Ionadisco in My Pants.

    07. STANCE PUNKS - Bonus track in My Pants. XDDDDDDD;;

    08. H.O.T - Jingle Bells in My Pants. OMG... XD;

    09. FAKE? - Money Money in My Pants. YAY MONEY! I needed some money~ ;A;

    10. 桜なだれ - Ame no uta in My Pants. >___>;

    11. Kirito - GARDEN in My Pants. (@x@);

    12. 1TYM - Falling in Love in My Pants. >__>;~

    13. w-inds. - Paradox(rumor style) in My Pants. My pants must be confusing o_o;

    14. The Candy Spooky Theater - Spook House in My Pants. A whole house in there?? As long as I don't have to pay mortgage~

  • Yoo Seung Jun - Promise to Jun

    18 Aug 2006, 20:09 by helikoppter

    One of the first songs I ever downloaded was Yoo Seung Jun's Na Na Na. People had been talking about him on Korealink and I had checked his pics out on - my favorite site back then. After reading a review of his second album, also on zandd, I just had to check out his "techno" music! I ended up humming Na Na Na to myself for several weeks and, though I was never a big fan, I tried to follow his career. In 2002 it came to an end. He left Korea to avoid military service and has not been able to go back because of the threat of an arrest.

    Four years later: Yoo Seung Jun is back! This time he's aiming to conquer China and his first attempt is a new album called Promise to Jun. With this album the Chinese audience is treated to a total of ten songs in Chinese, Korean and English and four music videos.

    There's three new songs on here: 天大地大 (Mandarin & English) and 等你到明天 (Mandarin & Korean), that both sounds like an updated Yoo Seung Jun (think any other male…
  • I'm a Pretty Big Nerd, Not Gonna Lie

    19 Jan 2006, 06:14 by Le_THieN

    I think it’s safe to say that my mission of playing all 600+ albums (not including soundtracks) on my computer is pretty much complete. I breezed through my relatively small soul and blues collections; conquered reggae, R&B, hip-hop, and rap; and eradicated all the theatre, classical, ethnic, and jazz records. I ran into thick spots with my electronic and pop folders, since each one had around 70 albums. The real beast of the mission was my rock folder, which had over 300 whopping entries, and I managed to wrap that all up some time yesterday.

    I did it mainly because I’ve gotten on such an excessive album accumulation kick over these last three years that I hadn’t given most of them as thorough of a listen as I would have preferred. So in July, I declared that I would listen to all of them at least once through, in alphabetical genre order. If I left the room, even for a couple of minutes, I always made it a point to pause or stop my Winamp player – I made sure I was always present when I had the player going…