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    27 Jul 2010, 22:54 by star-samurai
    Don't need a modem to connect to your mind, no search engine to find you, I wanna click, a click to your heart, a hyperlink to go inside you~

    ☆ So far I've listened to the following rap artists: Lil' Kim and 2/5 albums-worth of Trina. But then I decided to listen to Eiffel 65 again and that totally derailed me. LOL.

    ★ 101 PLAYS | Lil' Kim | Why? So I listened to all her albums within two days. Her first two albums are pretty good. Her other two albums...are pretty boring. Production is probably the reason why. Her lyrics are really good - but goddamn - I found myself realizing that I didn't pay attention to like...more than 5 tracks in a row. Queen Bitch is her best song, hands down. Production and lyrics definitely were at a high for this song. I can only hope her next album (WHENEVER IT WILL COME OUT) has a GREAT combo of production and her lyricism. Especially production. Damnit!