• Four Years and Fourteen Days = 50,000 Tracks...or not

    17 Apr 2008, 20:58 by Bara_Megami

    Yay, I reached 50k. Or rather, holy crap, I reached 50k. Over 10k songs a year @_@. I am on the computer too much!

    Anyway, 50,000th Track was by 野本かりあ (NOMOTO karia) – Boombastic Hip House Band, the intro for her album "Dance Music". I liked the song "FMSB" more, since this is just an intro D:

    Oh well, here's to more years on last.fm!

    EDIT: last.fm just did a "played tracks" re-boot, and I am now 250 tracks under 50k. Let's see what my real 50,00th track is!! Now I wonder if my 40,00th track really was my 40,00th track??
  • The beat goes on...and on... and on...and on

    11 Feb 2006, 22:02 by Cloverbell

    Ordering from yesasia.com has goten longer and longer! T_T Ugggh it's going to to 7 or 8 days for the paypal money to clear then another 7 - 10 days to check that everything is in stock and then 6 - 14 days for shipping. My stuff will get here in at least 20 - 32 days. That's if everything is going really bad! u.u *sigh* anyway...
    What I really wanted to do was list some must haves!

    I'm getting:
    Takacha - Sono Saki ni
    - Make no mistake. takacha is a rare jewel. His music really picks me up! ^^;;

    Takacha - nayamy
    - The music video impact me enough to buy his single! You can't get this ANYWHERE! Wooo the words are so catchy. takacha is the type of guy who's always optimistic, weird and easy-going. ^^;; It shows in his music.

    RAM RIDER - Bedroom Disco
    - c'mon, it's RAM RIDER.

    and aTwins EEG Paper Fan/notepad combo. Not the music but just a discounted collectors item! Weee I'm web shopping savvy now!

    HALCALI - Tips Taps Tip