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Similar Artists

  1. Mika

    Circle: FELT (Vocalist and lyricist)


  2. Circle: FELT


  3. There are multiple artists using the name Eris.

    1) Eris (UK) is an unsigned Funk/Rock/Prog band based in Wakefield/Leeds area.

    Lineup consists of;…

  4. Chen-U is a Japanese female vocalist who regularly provides vocals for the doujin music circle 発熱巫女~ず (Hatsunetsumiko's).

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  6. name: MERAMI-POP
    circle: こすもぽりたん / COSMOPOLITAN
    site: http://cosmopolitan.pikka.jp/
    twitter: https://twitter.com/melime93

  7. New alias of 坂上なち (Sakaue Nachi).

  8. 3L is the main alias of 安保さゆり (Sayuri Anpo), a well-known vocalist, and occasionally lyricist, of the japanese doujin music scene. She has performed…

  9. Name: Mii

    Circle: GET IN THE RING


  10. Name: Nachi Sakaue
    Circle: twinkle*twinkle

    Also known as nachi

  11. Mei Ayakura (綾倉盟, Ayakura Mei) is a female vocalist and lyricist from Hokkaido, Japan. She's best known for her many collaborations with doujin…

  12. Nana Takahashi (高橋菜々, Takahashi Nana) is a Japanese female vocalist, lyricist, piano player, composer and arranger.
    She composed, arranged, and…

  13. name: Rizuna a.k.a. RIZNA
    circle: RHYTHM SPOON, C.H.S
    www: http://www.7cchi.com/

  14. Youka (陽花) is a Japanese vocalist, member of Hatsunetsumiko's (発熱巫女~ず) doujin circle.


  15. name: Ayumi Nomiya
    circle: honey☆bitter, anima, ALiCE'S EMOTiON

  16. She provides vocals for CYTOKINE

    Webiste: https://twitter.com/itor1

  17. Murasaki Hotaru

    Circle: EastNewSound


  18. Ranko (ランコ) is a Japanese female vocalist and the lead singer of the doujin music circle 豚乙女 (BUTAOTOME).
    She also provided vocals to songs for…

  19. Name: Tsukiyama Sae
    Circle: Amateras Records

  20. Name: Yūzuki Tsubaki. Also known as TSUBAKI.

    Circle: EastNewSound



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