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  2. Two artists are known in Japan.

    name: yuiko
    Birthday: May 18
    She belongs to doujin circle “Primary”.
    “ゆいこ” is used until 2008, and “yuiko” has…

  3. name: Ichiru Takizawa
    circle: azure studio
    www: http://azurestudio.info/

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  6. name: Kahiena
    circle: Barbarian On The Groove
    www: http://www.astronotes.jp/kahiena/

  7. encounter+ is a doujin circle. Their members consists of :
    桃梨-Momori- lyrics, vocal
    流歌-Luca- composition, arrangements, guitar, percussion…

  8. name: Hiroyuki Oshima
    circle: Perfect Vanity
    www: http://www5a.biglobe.ne.jp/~vanity/

  9. name: Yuki Mizusawa

  10. name: Ryouki Ruou
    circle: @ryouki

  11. Barbarian On The Groove is a Japanese doujin circle. Their releases are usually featured some of the well known vocalists of the doujin circles…

  12. Pixelbee is a music studio that produces PC game music, BGM, anime music and doujin music.


    Vocals: Monet (モネ)
    Lyrics: くど


  13. yanagi (born on July 5, 1976) is a Japanese composer and arranger who collaborates with various doujin music circles, such as Diverse System or…

  14. We don't have a wiki here yet...
  15. 茶太 (chata)'s private doujin music circle known as Usagi Kinoko

  16. There are multiple artists who go by the name NAKI.

    1. Naki, a female singer from Japan who is part of the secret songs (ないしょの音楽館) music…

  17. Suzuka Nakahara (中原涼) is a Japanese vocalist.

  18. Yuu Kaguraneko (神楽猫ゆう, Kaguraneko Yuu) is a Japanese female vocalist who provided vocals for the doujin music circle Barbarian On The Groove on…

  19. CLOSED/UNDERGROUND is Doujin group name under 片霧烈火 (Katakiri Rekka), (KURO-AN as she calls group herself) which she founded in 2002.
    She mainly…

  20. name: Yuuko Hoshina
    circle: Chibicco Folk
    www: http://happyvoice.gozaru.jp/


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