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  • Years Active

    1999 – present (18 years)

Wang Wen (惘闻, wǎng wén), Dalian post rock band

Wang Wen's music is a mix of sad sweet melodies, heavy, noisy guitars, and Chinese scales. Close your eyes and you will easily lose yourself in the ambiance created by their music. It takes you back to the scenes of your favorite movies. Wang Wen are influenced by Tortoise, Mogwai, Mono, and Red Red Meat. Their new album will be released on the new record label recently founded by Beijing record dealer Zhao Chenhong.


Guitar: Xie Yugang (谢玉港) / Geng Xin (耿鑫)
Bass: Zheng Zi (铮子)
Drums: Lian Jiang (连江)


The band was formed in the city of Dalian, a busy seaport in northeast China, in the year of 1999. Wangwen was at first started by two awkward (at that time!) guitarists who were crazy about The Smashing Pumpkins and later joined by the drummer who also brought along the band name, representing the idea of an unknown band and insensibility to what others say. The band began to record their first demo- ’the animal world’ on their own in the same year they formed. Since then the band members had been changing while continuous creation of new pieces of music and performing. ‘lingshuihe’(‘the IceWaterRiver’) was recorded on their own in 2000 and the third demo ‘the Tenebrous Yinyang Road’ was also completed two years later. During this period the music style of the band had been gradually changing from vocal to instrumental and started to draw broad attentions both from the reviews and the audience as well. It was considered as one of the leading bands from China in the fields of post-rock and acid rock. The band was influenced by: Mogwai, Red Red Meat, Mono, Explosions in the Sky, Polvo, TortoiseGYBE, etc.


2003: released the debut album 二十八天失眠日记 by So Rock! Records

Mar.2004: received interview from a famous Chinese rock music journal So Rock.

2004: two songs (‘the Dying End of Year’ and ‘Plentiful Harvest’) from the album were chosen for the ‘Collection of the Year’ by the journal ‘So Rock’.

2004: recorded the single ‘Tide’ which lasted for 20 min long and released in the bonus CD of the journal ‘So Rock’ and ‘X Music Magazine’.

Jul.2004: received interview from another famous Chinese music journal the X Music Magazine.

Beginning of 2005: self-released the album 6 Tales for 50 People recorded at the end of 2004.

Jun.2005: Rock Action Club was founded by the band and has now become the only live house for rock music in Dalian.

Nov.2005: remixed the album 6 Tales for 50 People and released the new version with the album name changed to RE:RE:RE:.

Jan.2006: recorded the track ‘APPLE’ for the DVD documentary of MIDI music festival, Beijing, 2005.

May 2006: the band participated for the first time in the Midi Music Festival, experimental stage

Oct.2006: signed up with Scream Records and released the album RE:RE:RE:.

Apr.2007: released their fourth full length album 7 Objects in Another Infinite Space under the label Fox Tail Records and started out for their tour around the nation.

Dec.2007: released their 0306 (100 copies limited)

May.2008: released their fifth full lenght album IV

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