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  1. P∞L (or P∽L was a Japanese rock band on the Art Pop label, active in the early 2000s.
    Vocalist Shaka's current band, Miss Jelly Fish, plays covers…

  2. ガネーシャ (ex.GANEISHA) was a rock band from Tokyo, Japan formed in 2000. They disbanded in 2007.

    Vocal : カナメ (Kaname) (ガネーシャ → CRIMSON →…

  3. 國立少年 (ナショナルキッド / the National Kid)

    band activity: 2003/12/28~2004/08/10
    genres: Electro / Rock / Alternative / Grunge / Visual Kei

    MEMBERS: …

  4. 音鬼(Oto-Oni) was a Japanese rock band with folk and traditional influences, formed in 2004. The band also uses traditional Japanese instruments and…

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  6. Status: Disbanded 2006~2008
    Spellin' : アナクロクロック

    Members :
    Vo : Shiki
    Gu : Sin
    Ba : Maya

  7. We don't have a wiki here yet...
  8. ザ・ゴールデンスパイダー (The Golden Spider) is a japanese rock band, formed in April 2005 by vocalist Tomorou (ex-電脳オヴラアト/【denno:oblaat】).


  9. 東京ヒーローズ(TOKYO HEROES) was a Japanese rock band hailing from Tokyo, founded in 2004, and their first full album was released in 2014. Shortly after…

  10. 査~マルサ~ (Marusa) was a promising band which disbanded quite suddenly. Their music was quite heavy, dark and very melodic. Kei’s voice was also a…

  11. 白黒キネマ/Monokuro Kinema is an angura-kei indie band from Japan. They have undergone several line-up changes from 2006~2009. Their current members…

  12. (2004-2008)


    Vocals: 佳樹 (ex-蜘蛛-kumo- → 昭和愚裸魅會 → L-seven→ now in Birth of sixx-6- as k-ju)
    Guitar: chana
    Guitar: 亜希乃
    Bass: naoshi

  13. Vocalist: 慎一郎 【Shin'ichiro】
    Guitarist: 杏太 【Ryouta】
    Bassist: 勇治郎 【Yuujirou】
    Drummer: 豪 【Tsuyoshi】


  14. We don't have a wiki here yet...
  15. Line up:
    加納 摩天楼 / CANOU MATENRO (Voice/Guitar/MODE of ART) (ex.nu:macedo, also in HOT STYLE EXPO)

  16. Nigatsu Sanjuu Gonichi was a Japanese visual kei band which disbanded on july 12th 2007.

    vo. 奈音 -Naoto-
    → BUVLE BLEACH → (アニヲタク)…

  17. クロウズ (Kurouzu / Crows) were formed on November 2005 and held their first live the same month.
    Their their first one-man live was held in…

  18. There is two different anemome

    1. Angura-kei band official site : http://sound.jp/anemone
    2. Female Vocalist ambient music…

  19. ハッチ (hucci) was a visual kei band from Tokyo, Japan that formed in 2003/08 and disbanded in 2009/08/21.

    Vo: 吟 ( ハッチ → theMouse )

    Gt: チョンボ斉藤


  20. √eight/THE EIGHT was an alternative punk band from Sapporo, Japan. They held their last live on january 17th, 2010.

    √eight was formed by guitarist…


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