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十神 (Tokami) is a Japanese Metal Visual Kei Indie band from Tokyo, Japan, formed on April of 2005. The band has had many lineup changes. They define themselves as "Shock rock of the darkness".

Vocal: Agato (→ Rutiru → Tokami (support) → Tokami)
Guitar: Kazuha (Uggdracil → s0211 → velgat → BLOOD (support) → BLOOD, THE SOUND BEE HD (support) → Tokami)
Guitar: K (kei) (→ chaplin → Tokami (support) → Tokami)
Bass: Reno (→ JILLS BLUE ROSES → Tokami)
Drum: 1000 (Sen)

Vocal: KAITO → FREESIA→ SLOD → Jupiter (as Zin)
Vocal: 叶 (Kanae)
Guitar: Tomo (→ Tokami → Rond-Bell, Tokami(support) → Rond-Bell → Rond-Bell, Gizmo → Gizmo)
Bass: so-Ma
Vocal (Support): Hiviki (→ Chaplin → SERO → SERO, Tokami (support) → Tokami (support) → 一兎)
Vocal (Support): kzt (→ パーティールーム → Tokami (support) →)
Guitar, Bass : 春華(Haruka)
Bass (Support): 誠人 Makoto (→ DEUSE → Tokami (support) →)
Bass (Support): Pai
Guitar: 重 (Shige) (→ 原色少年 → Tokami (support) → Tokami)
Bass: いちか (Ichika) (→ 黒パンダ → イクス → Tokami (support) → Tokami)

(2006.01.30) 1st Demo Mini-album:「Shock rock of the darkness」
(2006.xx.xx) 2nd Demo Mini-album:「Shock rock of the fragments」
(2007.02.21) 1st Maxi-Single:「SILENCE OF ANGEL」
(2007.12.08) 1st Mini-album:「The Brand-new darkness」
(2008.05.28) 2nd Maxi-Single:「mist of cherry blossoms」
(2008.07.11) Omnibus DVD:「TOKYO VISUAL COLLECTION」
(2008.08.03) Live-Distributed Single:「Crisis of exterminate」
(2008.12.02) Live-Distributed Single:「Rebirth of the Darkness」
(2009.03.18) Concept 2nd Mini-album:「Invasion of the Darkness」
(2009.12.21) 3rd Mini-album:「The Under Of Garden」
(2010.02.20) Live-Distributed Single:「止まりかけた歯車、指の隙間をすり抜けて消えた日」
(2010.04.05) Live-Distributed Single:「Invert an idealism thought…」
(2010.05.08) Live-Distributed Single:「Lemurian Seed」
(2010.06.13) Live-Distributed Single:「~双極の残月~」
(2010.10.22) 1st Full-Album:「Cathedral」
(2011.11.08) 4th Mini-album 「Resurrection」
(2012.06.06) Schwarz Kain (Best Collection of Tokami)
(2013.02.13) 5th Mini-album 「Synchronicity」
(2014.01.08) 6th Mini-album 「Liberador」
(2015.01.21) Maxi-Single 「Luminiscence」 (to be released)

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