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    2010 – present (7 years)

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凛 -the end of corruption world- (Lin) is the new band of ex-Phantasmagoria bassist and UNDER CODE PRODUCTION president KISAKI. The band's full details were revealed at 0:00 JST on 2010-04-06, after Phantasmagoria's final live. The first period lineup would last up to June 2013, when Lin went on a hiatus. In March 2014, the new lineup was announced, and they bounced back to activities in June 2014. This lineup would too go on a hiatus later in November 2015.

Vocals: SUI (ex. Ghost†PhobiaMetis GretelMegaromania / UNDER CODE PRODUCTION LAST COLLABORATION「D.N.A」)
Guitar: MIZALY (MISERY) (ex. Яisk un logicMetis GretelMegaromania)
Guitar: CERO (KYOHEI) (ex. An Bled. → ゼクス-zechs-)
Bass: KISAKI (ex. LeviaLAYBIALSHEY≠DEgardenDe≠priveStella Maria → Ruby (support) → 廃人黒薔薇族La:Sadie’sMIRAGESyndromeKISAKI PROJECT妃&関西貴族Phantasmagoria / ∀NTI FEMINISM(2007)(Support) → E'm~grief~ (support) → Phantasmagoria → 凛 / UNDER CODE PRODUCTION LAST COLLABORATION「D.N.A」)
Drums: YUSHI (ex. Megaromania)

Vocals: RIKU (ex. KAWONHISKAREAPhantasmagoriachariots→ 凛 / chariots / UNDER CODE PRODUCTION LAST COLLABORATION「D.N.A」)
Guitar: MIZUKI (ex. 劇場型宮廷楽団 La neigeミサルカ)
Guitar: KANATA (ex. Mëbíusルフィー嬋命~RUEPHY ALIVE~Pashyachariots)
Drums: REIYA (ex. イナズマルフィー嬋命~RUEPHY ALIVE~Pashyachariots)

(2010-04-25) 凛 (Single)
(2010-05-23) NEO VOLTAGE (Omnibus: Foolish)
(2010-05-25) 「Fake Dance」 RIKU振付DVD (Present DVD)
(2010-06-02) As If Forever Exists. 初回限定盤 TYPE A (Maxi-single CD+DVD)
(2010-06-02) As If Forever Exists. 通常盤 TYPE B (Maxi-single)
(2010-06-02) As If Forever Exists. 通常盤 TYPE C (Maxi-single)
(2010-00-00) As If Forever Exists. -Making DVD- (Mail-order making DVD)
(2010-11-10) Metamorphose (Maxi-single)
(2011-01-26) PERFECT LOVE~Tribute by Lin~ (Single)
(2011-03-30) Silent To My Pain (Maxi-single)
(2011-05-25) Flowers Bloom (Maxi-single)
(2011-06-23) UNITED LINK for JAPAN (Omnibus: Feeling Universe)
(2011-08-31) Independent "MAZE" (Album)
(2011-10-02) Ambient Cosmo (Maxi-single)
(2012-03-01) VALUE-EXCLAIM (Album)
(2012-06-27) CRUSH!3 -90’s V-Rock best hit cover LOVE songs- (Omnibus: insomnia)
(2012-09-05) Insane flashback show (Maxi-single)
(2012-09-05) 1st FULL ALBUM 「AWAKING from -Independent "MAZE"-」
(2012-11-21) 1st MINI ALBUM 「The Psalms and Lamentations」
(2012-12-01) Lunar Eclipse~in the flagile~
(2013-20-03) Reflect of Killing Fleur
(2013-05-06) 「Obscure Ideal」
(2014-03-09) Slander Crime

———————————— end first period ————————————
Second period:

(2014-04-21) Sacred Xanadu (mail order limited single)
(2014-06-25) 妖幻鏡 -WEST- THE CONQUEST OF NANIWA (omnibus: Beyond the Veil)
(2014.07.11) Chaotic Resistance LIVE MV (live-limited DVD)
(2014-07-23) Chaotic Resistance (single)
(2014.08.01) Metamorphose (Re-recording CD) (webshop limited single, w/ purchase of both editions of Chaotic Resistance)
(2014.08.01) Sacred Xanadu FULL PV (webshop-limited DVD, w/ spending 5000 yen at the webshop)
(2014.10.26) Infinite (split w/ CELL: Nightmarish…)
(2014-12-24) Recollection of Phoenix (mini-album, re-recordings)
(2014.12.24) Silent to My Pain (Re-recording CD, webshop-limited, w/ purchase of Recollection of Phoenix)
(2015.01.20) Sacred illusionism (webshop-limited live DVD)
(2015.03.25) Revision Underwear (omnibus: Alone)
(2015.04.15) Memento-Mori (single)
(2015.04.15) MAXI SINGLE 「Memento-Mori」 WEB SHOP 購入特典 (webshop-limited DVD-R, w/ purchase of Memento-Mori)
(2015.08.05) 妖幻鏡 -west- vol.2 ~大阪・名古屋連合~ (omnibus: Missing Melody)
(2015.09.09) Dedicate to Graveyard (single)
(2015.09.09) Sacred illusionism (nationwide release)


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