• 35 Continuous meme

    27 Aug 2008, 16:10 by LavenderYuki

    The idea is to go to the page of your number one artist, and follow the link of its number one similar artist, then repeating that for this artist and so on, noting down each artist as you go. Do this until you've got to 50 artists (not including your number one). If you get any repeats, just go to the second similar artist or the nearest one that you haven't already had.

    i just did until 35. beyond it just go to some ridiculously tagged artists.

    1. ALI PROJECT - they are superb awesome and very much LOVE<3
    2. kukui - tried them once. forgettable.
    3. 霜月はるか - one of the vocals of kukui. trying her out atm. pretty nice
    4. 片霧烈火 - no idea who she is, but i'm pretty interested
    5. Satou Rina & Inoue Marina & Chihara Minori - ah just a bunch of seiyuus. nothing interesting.
    6. eufonius - listening to them. a bit forgettable.
    7. Riya - vocalist of eufonius. bet there's not much different between the two
    8. Key - some OST of some anime. not interesting.
    9. Lia - on my listening-to list. i like her.