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ヴァネッサ was a Tokyo based band that began towards the end of 2007 /beginning of 2008.

VanessA Offical Site
VanessA's Visunavi Profile

Vocals: 元規 -Genki- (るるDIS as 幻希→VanessA)
Guitar: ハルキ -Haruki- (Dollis as 亜希→ VanessA)
Guitar: 鴇 -Toki- (hell-trapヴァルキリーVanessA)
Bass: 恋一 -Koichi- (ミミックVanessA)
Drums: 憂 -You- (HARDEATH一方通行(仮) → DollisRinDa(サポート) →(fo-rest)(サポート) → VanessAPara:noir as 雪乃)

Former members:
Bass: ナオ -Nao- (Dollis as 猶→ VanessA)

Their first live was in January 2008 and since have played 高田馬場AREA extensively, as well as, Holiday Shinjuku and been featured on the omnibus HYSTERIC MEDIA ZONE VIII . Their first Sponsorship live, 'code of butterfly' took place on July 29 at 高田馬場AREA where their first single, P.S.D/feel U, was released and subsequently had a general release on August 13. Fall/Winter 2008 will see two more single releases, a maxi single titled 'Vortex' in October and 'love of insanity' in December, as well as, the general release of the DVD Omnibus, Tokyo Visual Collection, in October.

As of the end of August 2008 they have been signed to the indie label, Speeddisk.

Mid-2009, the band announced their bassist/leader would be withdrawing from the band and the "music field" after their oneman on 13 September 2009. Shortly thereafter, he was replaced by 恋一 -Koichi- (ex-ミミック). You has since taken over the position of band leader.

VanessA will disband after their Last one-man live『最終絶叫単独公演-TURE END-』at 池袋-Ikebukuro- BLACK HOLE on the 14th May 2010
as Gt.鴇-toki- cannot continue the band activities due to family reasons.

2008.05.21 「HYSTERIC MEDIA ZONE Ⅷ」 2曲参加 : 「II.injury」,「B.M.METAMORPHOSE」
2008.08.13 「P.S.D/feel U」
2008.09.12 SHOXX 11月号応募者全員オムニバスCD 1曲参加 : 「DANGER」
2008.10.22 「VORTEX」
2008.12.24 「Love of insanity」
2009.03.06 VanessA 1stワンマン『VERONIKA』ご来場の方全員にプレゼント完全限定盤無料配布「求めた過去と認められぬ輪舞」
2009.03.11 「alive=terror」
2009.05.13 「CHI【MA】IRA」
2009.06.17 VanessA×ReivieЯ 2バンドダブルネームシングル「Distracted Womb」 1曲收録 : 「ユメミガオカ」
2009.11.11 「ワールド・イズ・マイ・マインド」-World is My Mind-
2010.01.20 「プリミティブ・マイ・マインド」-Primitive My Mind-
2010.04.14 「【TRUE END】」

First Sponsor 'code of butterfly' July 29, 2008
Second Sponsor 'birth of screaming chaos' December 15, 2008
First One-man 'VERONIKA' March 6, 2009
Third Sponsor 'Emotional Chimara' May 4, 2009
Two man w/ReivieЯ June 5, 2009
Second One-man 'Social Mute' September 13, 2009

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