• fandom: Kanako Ito

    3 Feb 2009, 14:28 by LavenderYuki


    Kanako Itou (いとうかなこ) is a Japanese artist mainly known as the main contributor of theme songs and insert songs alike for Nitro+, a BL game company. Though recently she began to contribute her songs for the anime adaptation of CHAOS;HEAD, and earlier for Hatenkou Yuugi. She is also well known to sing songs for a number of H-game too.

    Kanako is one of the artist I discovered out of curiosity from my random page lurking in Last.fm. The main reason I thought of giving her a try was just because I found her name written in hiragana is interesting, and Last.fm keep nagging at me by including her in the recommended artist list. Before I know it, I got my hands on her third album, Largo. The first track of the album, Moonstruck, is entirely in English. Though she still has that familiar accent, I still think she got a good grasp of her pronunciation. …