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ラヴィアンローズ (La Vie En Rose) were a rock/ band in Ibaraki (Japan) from 1994 until 2006. They are known to be a large influence on the now internationally famous ムック.

YUTA (諏佐勇太 / Yuta Susa, vocal, blues harp, acoustic guitar, ex-ANNY's LTD.諏佐勇太-YTartworks-)
kyohsuke (狂介) (根崎料栄 / Kazuei Nezaki, drums, vocal, ex-激楽隊兎-usagi-)
Ke2 (山本敬 / Kei Yamamoto, guitar, chorus, ex-riverCandle and 1979 with ミヤ from ムック)
KEN (浦野健一 / Kenichi Urano, bass, chorus, ex-MAD NESSPandemic)

In April 1994, two guitarists, Ke2 and Milk, and vocalist おやじ (Oyaji) formed La Vie En Rose (LVER) when they were juniors at Tsuchira City High School. Bass player, Takeshi, joined in June and by August, Oyaji left the band and a month later was replaced by Shinichi. In November of the same year, kyohsuke, who would be the band's permanent drummer, joined after continuously bothering Ke2 at school.

On November 13th, they performed their first live hosted by Tsuchira Wave. At the last live at Mito SENTOPIA, Shinichi decided to leave the band. A replacement wasn't found right away; permanent vocalist, YUTA joined in April the following year and by then they had already performed three more lives.

In 1995, LVER released their first demo tape, in rubbish, which sold out at their performance at Tsuchira WAVE on October 14th. That same year, after an argument between musical differences in November with Ke2, Milk left the band. The following month on December 24th, after their live at Tsuchira Harem Night, Takeshi left the band. This time finding new members wasn't such a problem - in January 1996, permanent bassist, KEN, and guitarist Takato joined. KEN, who was gradually separating from his band MAD NESS where he was guitarist, had previously supported LVER.

As LVER bid farewell to Takato, they welcomed new guitarist, Kazuki, in September 1996; he only performed once with the band and left right after. Even though he wasn't a "real member" the band took it humorously and called him a windsurfer. That was the last member change for La Vie En Rose.

In 1998, LVER released their first album entitled hitoshi 1sei ~ 5sei and had a series of constant tours until 2004. During these tours they performed with bands such as MUCC, cali≠gari, lab., Kalimero, Lolita no. 18, Plastic Tree, Iroha, and many others. Also, within that time frame, they released four albums and one single.

In 2002, among the many performances and releases, YUTA began the session band ANNY's LTD. with Nao of Kalimero, Naoki of Jinkaku Radio, and AK of Ooparts. And in 2003, kyohsuke began the session band Gekigakutai with Yaguchi Masaaki (Miya) of MUCC, Yoshida Masatatsu from THREE9, and Ooshima Tsuyoshi of ex-Kalimero (currently Jully).

In 2004, LVER experienced a breakdown in their activities, having only 4 lives, but 2005 seemed very promising for the band when they quickly released their 5th album, Barairo no Jinsei in February which was followed by their tour "TOUR 2005 'fuyu kara hajimaru barairo no jinsei ~ unkounko itteru baai janakattassu!!~'".

Even though 2005 seemed very promising, activities soon ceased. In late July 2006, La Vie En Rose announced that they would disband on December 31st. That Fall season then turned into a very busy time for the band, which was filled with a final tour and many releases. LVER had their final tour La Vie en Rose Last Japan Tour 2006 ~The Rosy Life~, which began on October 18th and ended at the countdown live on December 31st, both starting and ending at the Mito LIGHTHOUSE.

After their disbandment, LVER returned to the stage for two more lives in 2007. To help promote the sales of their final DVD THE ROSY DAYS~LA VIE EN ROSE last one month~, the band had a revival performance on March 21st. Then after receiving an offer from 79 magazine, they had one last revival live on May 20th.

In late Spring, Ke2 became the support guitarist for river and has yet to become a permanent member of the band. While with them, they have released one full-length album. In early October 2007, KEN announced his new project called Pandemic. This brand new band will have their first live on November 1st at the Takadanobaba AREA for the "SMELL PARTY vol.3".

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