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ENGLISH TAG: Nice Marbles

Nice Marbles is an indie rock band formed in Yokohama in 1999. The group is mostly
known for their track "Furouto" of the anime BECK tribute album. Disbanded since 2003, the band consisted of the following line-up : Hino Masame (vocals, guitar), Junichiro Yamashita (bass) ex-member of ASPARAGUS, and Watanabe Kouichi (drums) now part of polyABC.

junichirou yamashita is the vocalist of this band and he is now working on solo albums and many other projects. He also is in the band called Avanti.
Second last.fm page,山下潤一郎.
Myspace: http://www.myspace.com/shitchimpan


2002.12.18 release

1. Sleeper
2. Clover
3. ココロナイフ (Kokoro Knife)
4. Star line
5. Low
6. Love song
7. Summer days
8. Blossom
9. エレキブルー (Eleki blue)
10. Lovers
11. フロート (Float)
12. Happy?
13. Real

Night See
Label: Independent Label
2001.10.10 release

2. 妄想特急
3. スキマ
4. Night See

青 (Ao )
Label: KOGA Records
2000.8.10 release

1. 青 (Ao)
2. いつか見た青い空
3. 鉄クズ
4. どうかしてる
5. エバーグリーン サン

さよなら少年 (Sayonara Shounen )
Label: KOGA Records
2000.1.20 release

1. まるぼろ (Maruboro)
2. チャリ (CHARI)
3. グリコ (Glico)
4. 四つ葉 (Yotsuba)
5. あめ (Ame)
6. ぐんないそーろん (Gu Nai Sooron)
7. ゆきを (Yuki Wo)
8. カンコーヒー (Kan Coffee)
9. ポチ (Pochi)
10. 日曜日 (Nichiyoubi)
11. いー天気 (Itenki)
12. スプライト (Sprite)
13. さよなら少年 (Sayonara Shounen)
14. 古時計 (Ko Tokei)

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