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  1. Correct tag is DANGER☆GANG.

    Ba.みづき(mizuki) (ex-トウキョウブルー(tokyo blue))
    Dr.蓮(ren) (ex-NIHILISTIC)


  2. ネクロサァカス (Necrocircus)

    Vo. az
    Gu. ルキト
    Ba. (support) 華亞也
    Dr. ヲリヲリ(now in 鬼畜一家)


    Their new band is called Layla (ライラ), which has been…

  3. 176BIZ (pronounced "biz ichi nana roku") was a Japanese Rock band from Tokyo. The band was comprised of five members and was active from early…

  4. 2007-2013


    Vocal: ☆彗夜☆ -Suiya-
    Guitar: ★福★ -Fuku-
    Guitar: ★冬樹★ -Fuyuki-
    Bass: ★月-yue- ★

    「ex. Members」

    Bass: ★稜介★ -Ryousuke-…

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  6. Members:
    Ba.みづき(mizuki) (ex-トウキョウブルー(tokyo blue))
    Dr.蓮(ren) (ex-NIHILISTIC)

    Ba: Ka-e
    Ba: セラ (Thera)
    Dr. 麗…

  7. シリアル⇔NUMBER (Serial Number) is a japanese band formed in April 2005, but became an official band later in June. The band consists of vocalist 佐々木…

  8. The medical corporation LuLu is an iryou kei (医療系/Medical Style) team of doctors that have turned their stethoscopes into musical instruments.…

  9. お遊戯ゎが魔々団×【PaRADEiS】 (now known as simply Paradeis) is an Oshare Kei band from Osaka, Japan. The band formed in May of 2008 and is currently…

  10. ClearVeil was a visual kei band that formed in 2007, featuring members from many rather well-known visual kei groups. Their sound was quite…

  11. イロクイ。 (Irokui) was a japanese oshare kei band formed in early spring 2005 and disbanded in july 2011. With bright and colorful appearance, イロクイ。…

  12. 水樂 (Byakura) is a visual kei metal band from Tokyo, Japan led by a strong female vocalist and backed up by a very talented female bassist and an…

  13. ゾロ, officially romanized as "ZORO", was a four-member experimental-rock band from Tokyo, Japan. From 2007 to 2011, they were signed to DANGER…

  14. 愛狂います。 (romanized as "aikuruimasu"; literally "crazy love", read as Aicle.) was a Visual Kei band from the Kantō region of Japan. Aicle's musical…

  15. えぃみ→☆ (Eimy) was a Japanese Oshare Kei Band. They held their first live 2005/06/02 at HOLIDAY SHINJUKU. The band can be categorized very well as…

  16. Members:
    Vo: 団長 -Danchou- (ex-Dagger Remain as 康太郎 -Kotarou-)
    Ba: 華凛 -Karin-
    Gu: Shinno (ex-Demaria → ディマリア → ギフト)
    Gu: Kyrie
    Dr: K


  17. そろばん (Soroban) was a japanese visual indies rock band. Their songs are upbeat rock songs; sometimes quite heavy with screaming vocals, distorted…

  18. 【_Vani;lla】MEMBER
    Cheeky Voice★ 鐘-ベル- -vell- (ex-ノア as 義也 → w/c同盟)
    Mysterious Trick Guitar★ ュゥナ-yuna- (ex-くろネコ as 澄弥 → J∀CK11 as 佑凪)

  19. There are at least three artists who share this name:

    1) A Japanese "Visual Kei" band (AILE) (アイル)
    2) A Japanese hip-hop artist (aile)
    3) A…

  20. Anjyu' was a Japanese indies band made up of ジュキ on vocals, ゆっきー on guitar, yoshi on bass, and 姫雛~Hina~ on drums. Their first live took place…


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