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ゾロ, officially romanized as "ZORO", was a four-member - band from Tokyo, Japan. From 2007 to 2011, they were signed to DANGER CRUE/SKY CRUE records, a sub-label of MAVERICK D.C Group. However, as of July 2011, after the departure of two of their members, they changed their name to ZORO and are now own their own independent label, Jesse. ゾロ can be classified as for their use of eccentric make-up and fashion choices during live performances and promotional activities.

ゾロ's formation came after the disbandment of そろばん (Soroban), 龍寺 (Ryuuji) and たつひ's (Tatsuhi) previous band in 2006. Both members were inactive for a few months, but at the beginning of March 2007, their new project was revealed to the public, though they unofficially started in January. ゾロ held their first live on March 5th, 2007 at LIQUIDROOM ebisu as a three-member band. Originally their line-up consisted of 龍寺 on vocals, たつひ on bass, and former マウス (Mouse) member, タイゾ (Taizo) on guitar. During this time, they made use of a support drummer during live performances, but as of June 11th, 2007, 裕哉 (Yuya) joined the band as the official drummer after being in そろばん together with 龍寺 and たつひ.

On December 28th, 2010, at their one-man live at 渋谷C.C.Lemonホール, the band announced they would be going on an indefinite hiatus after drummer 裕哉, and guitarist タイゾ’s decision the leave the band. Vocalist 龍寺, and bassist たつひ stated that ゾロ would not disband, and that the two would continue on with the bands future activities. In April, the two began auditioning new members to replace the void left by タイゾ and 裕哉. Also in April, on the 28th, former guitarist タイゾ officially joined Kra, a popular visual kei rock band currently signed to PS COMPANY.

On July 4th, 2011, seven months after the bands indefinite hiatus, the band (now officially known as ZORO) changed their name and reopened their official website. The new website featured information about the bands future activities, their first oneman live, and information on their new independent label, Jesse. Some weeks later, the band announced the release of their new single, POLICE. The single is their first release as a duo, as well as their first release under the new name.

ゾロ’s music has changed over the years, but it can currently be described as pop/rock with electronic elements. Their first mini-album, APOLLO, was comprised mainly of funky sounding pop rock songs, while their second single featured similar songs, but with a harder undertone. From 2008 to 2009, ゾロ started releasing a wider variety of music. Both of their albums featured electronic and experimental songs, along with softer songs with emotional vocals, and hard rock songs with distorted gang vocals. Now, in 2010, ゾロ’s music is very experimental, comprised of electronic elements, sound effects, and distorted vocals.

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Albums and Mini-Albums:
2007.08.29: APOLLO
2008.08.20: 【COSMO】-ステンレスミュージック-
2009.09.09: CORE
2010.12.01: KIGA

2008.03.05: ロストテクノロジー
2009.03.18: Playear
2010.03.03: GOLD CARD
2010.08.11: HOUSE・OF・MADPEAK

Various Artist/Compilation Albums:
2007.04.15: 「裏★海賊盤。」004 (Track #1)

2009.05.27: NISHIKI

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