• Flashback: King Giddra on HEY!HEY!HEY! video from back in 2002 and DJ OASIS's blog

    Feb 5 2007, 6:56 di KusMoG


    hahaha... it's my own youtube vid that I posted up and yet, DJ Oasis himself (!!) posted my link on his blog! Niiice! I wondered why that vid was getting hits like crazy compared to my other uploaded vids.

    You can find that blog post here: http://ameblo.jp/djoasis/entry-10024777866.html#cbox

    Basically what he says about my vid is if there's people who didn't get to see it, you should go see it out youtube.

    He says that if anyone posts up キングギドラ/King Giddra's appearance on MusicStation he'll post that too so anyone who has it please upload it to YouTube too for everyone to see!
    「Mステとかも誰かアップしてくれたら、うけるんだけどな。」 Wow! I had no idea they were on MusicStation too. Makes me feel more justified for uploading the album Saishuu Heiki/最終兵器 over at jpopsuki. Those two shows are like the who's who in Japanese music (at that moment anyways... Sisqo was on Heyx3 when he did Thong Song but who gives a shit about him anymore).

  • DJ Oasis's blog and MySpace...

    Gen 17 2007, 9:01 di KusMoG

    I never realized how much of a geek DJ Oasis is... LoL Apparently he surfs the web really often and one of the few Japanese celebs that I know of that actively maintains his own MySpace page.

    DJ Oasis's MySpace Music page: http://www.myspace.com/djoasisfunkposeidon

    DJ Oasis's MySpace page:

    DJ Oasis's blog (written in Japanese only):

    All these pages are actually done by him, bad English and everything o_O;;

    Browsing around the pages I found some answers to questions I've been wondering for awhile now. Like that Dohzi-T is no longer signed to Atomic Bomb. I figured as much when he did that single with Katou Miliyah. Also found out that K Dub and DJ Oasis still chill with Zeebra (whom all his personal friends call by his real first name, Hide[ヒデ]), despite virtually no evidence of any relations in their music productions of late (correct me if I'm wrong).

  • Radio Aktive ProjectのPV はm-flo(?)をDISした(Radio Aktive Project's PV disses m-flo(?))

    Dic 18 2006, 8:43 di KusMoG

    Radio Aktive Project (K Dub ShineとDJ OASIS) PV

    「ボンボン出る ポンポン増える
    そこ踏ん付ける ドンドンドン」というフックだ。

    Radio Aktive Project (R.A.P.-->rap; radio aktive==atomic bomb) is a new group formed in 2006 that's made up of K Dub Shine and DJ Oasis. It's supposed to share a similar concept to that of キングギドラ (King Giddra), only without Zeebra. "Soryaanai yo" (That Ain't Right) is their first single.

    The song played in the beginning of the video is 「ウチの」feat. JUN-GMC.
    It appears that they're dissing Verbal and Taku of m-flo in the PV.
  • Top 15...

    Lug 15 2006, 23:09 di KusMoG

    stole this from trabia-wind who stole it from akarui =O

    Post your top fifteen bands/artists, the first song you heard of theirs, the song that made you fall in love, and your current favorite.

    1. The Notorious B.I.G.
    first song: Big Poppa
    song that made me fall in love: Hypnotize
    current favorite: I Love the Dough feat. Jay-Z and Angela Winbush

    2. Boa
    first song: ID; Peace B
    song that made me fall in love: the Love Bug off her own albums: MOTO (yep, I'm a veeery late fan that heard her stuff when she Debuted! lol.. go figure)
    current favorite: 그럴 수 있겠지...!? (Geu Rul Soo It Gaet Jih)

    3. 2Pac
    first song: Hit Em Up
    song that made me fall in love: Changes
    current favorite: Fuck Em All

    4. K Dub Shine
    first song: ザ シャイニング (The Shining)
    song that made me fall in love: マジ興味ねえ (maji kyominee)
    current favorite: ほんとあの頃が feat.DJ OASIS&童子-T (Honto ano koro ga)

    5. キングギドラ(King Giddra)
    first song: 真実の弾丸 (Shinjitsu no Dangan)
  • キングギドラの「見回そう」の歌詞

    Giu 25 2006, 1:53 di KusMoG

    キングギドラ - 見回そう

    見回そう 360度
    上下確認 今日の状況
    見回そう 360度
    上下確認 今日の東京
    見回そう 360度
    上下確認 今日の状況
    見回そう 見回そう 見回そう

    超常現象 巻き起こし
    まるで外は戦場 そこら中が炎上
    上向いてドーンと突き破る天井 俺の言葉
    (ギドラのジブラ)ああ 俺の事だ
    行くぞ 行くぞ 言葉のジグソーパズル
    あくまで参考 俺び先んじて言っとこう
    だって皆そろそろ 言いたい事諸々 出てくる頃
    度肝抜く 火を吹く 大怪獣


    見回すと 感覚特殊の麻痺した空気 広がる周囲
    地球儀にしか無い線 偶像崇拝性概念に
    縛られてる視野 日の当たらない場所
    歪んだ教科書 消化不良
    末期症状 ノドに包丁つきつけ
    病状悪化の想像 TVドラマのようなママ
    考えるだけでも痛い頭 訳わかんない企画
    適当生み出す 人事みたく扱う自殺
    今何時? 現在時刻 この目で見とく生き地獄
    自業自得で見失う空間 とまどう集団とまどう習慣
    常に生かすよう 地球に役立つよう


    Samples used:
    "Blue Lick" by Bob James
    "Woman to Woman" by Joe Cocker
    "My Philosphy" by KRS-ONE