• Top listened artists + songs of 2011

    1 Jan 2012, 07:56 by Bara_Megami

    1. Ryohei 416 (#2 Last Year)
    No matter how many times I listen to him, he's not coming back is he?

    2. The Book of Mormon 222
    The musical, not the religious text. I'm not clear on the tagging rules for musicals (It's supposed to be under the composers, right?), and it seemed like a bad idea to put the songs under the singers' names when there was like ten singers on one song. So now it looks like I've been listening to the word of Joseph Smith. Oh well. Wicked funny musical.

    3. 倖田來未 217 (#3 Last Year)
    Busy year for Kuu-chan, so I listened to her a lot. V.I.P/Ko-So-Ko-So were my favourites. I must see her concert while I'm here in Japan before she has her baby.

    4. ★Star Guitar 191
    Fantastic solo album. No surprise if you check out this guy's wikipedia page and see all the great J-pop songs he's produced. The remix album was just OK, but the original album is absolutely amazing.

    5. MAA 174
    She's sooooo gooood. I wasn't 100% sold on her mini album…