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The band was established in the beginning of 1990s. The members of the band became acquainted in Arbat street, got keen on “street” culture: break-dance, rap, they arranged street performances and competitions. At that time no one could think of setting rap, popular in North America, to hard-edged texts about sex in Russian. The theme itself was at least under control of TV and radio if not prohibited at all. “Maltshishnik” shocked everyone. Some weeks later sex made crazy the whole Russia of “transition period”. Making records, ceaseless concert tours, popularity, censorship and, finally, underground.

In details:

In 1991 “ZeCo” company put on the market the first album of the band “Let’s Talk about Sex” in cassettes and discs, the album became a hit. Because of vacuum in Russian audio market, because of arrangement novelty and originality, the first album was a success. That year there took places some changes: the company of Pavel Galkin, Mutabor, and Andrey Kotov, Den, was joined a new person Andrey Lysikov, Dolphin, who helped to formulate the conception of the band: epatage rap adapted to Russian audience.

Track “Sex Nonstop” is typical for the period. After it was shown on the first TV channel broke a scandal, as a result “50/50” station program editor was dismissed. That was the moment when problems began not only with TV, and with radio and press. In order to take part in TV show “Ploshchadka Muzoboza” (“Musical string ground”) Den, Dolphin and Mutabor urgently had to record a phonogram that could pass TV censorship, they had one night. It was track “Dances”.

In 1992 RDM company produced the first CD of the band called “Miss Big Breast” with such hits as “Breasts, Breasts”, “At the Last Time”, “Pornography”. It got difficult to find tickets for their concerts, it didn’t depend on the size of the concert ground. For instance in Moscow at the presentation of the new album the multi-purpose sport hall “Druzhba” couldn’t admit all the willing persons. They had to arrange extra concerts. And in Saint-Petersburg Ledovy Palace was crowded the whole week!

Autumn 1994 saw the production of a new album “Kegli” (“Ninepins”). The conception of the band is basically the same, but texts grow ruder and the disks are marked “Obscene language”. Despite the rhythm and a kind of pops the changes strengthened the scandalous reputation of the band worsening relations with mass media hammering “Maltshishnik” in deeper underground.

In the same year developing a new album the musicians decided to disband the band as the project became rather cramped to bring to live their ideas. Dolphin took solo project using in his start album “Not in the focus” music of the latest unpublished works of “Maltshishnik”, Den and Mutabor opened a project of rude alternative electronic music called “Barbitura”. In 1996 – 2005 “Barbitura” produced seven albums, some live-shows gaining the popularity all over the country and abroad.

Since 2000 the history of the band – “alive nostalgia” – continues but as a studio project. “Maltshishnik” in the initial form “Den – Mutabor” produse an album “Sandals” that is spread all over the CIS thanks to distribution company “Classic Company”. It was a blessing for the fans as the crazy inflammatory songs came back to them renewed and more interesting. The album attracted new fans as well. Meanwhile mass media go on boycotting the band. There are no new tracks of the band in any play-list of any radio and TV channel. The album is discussed only in Internet but in a very active way since the present and the past of the band attract all kinds of fans.

In 2002 a new album “Oglobla” (“Shaft”) was released. Great changes took place in the style of performance, arrangements and text composing. The quality of the product is evident. The album is magnificent. An unusual combination of vocal, texts and music can lead to the only conclusion: the guys are real professionals and the years of work bring their fruit.

In 2003 “Malchishnik” plays in public for the first time in almost ten year break. The concert was held at Ledovii Dvorec (the Ice Palace) in St. Petersburg with the “sold out” notice. Having sung their best songs, Dan and Mutabor confirmed once again their unique status at Russian stage and proved that the interest for the band decreased in the least, but on the contrary increased. As a result, the new album ensued to be much better, than “Best” released in 1999.

In 2004 there was a release of the album “Pena” (“The Foam”). The music on this record is much softer, than on previous ones, but nevertheless the number of appreciation increased in geometric series. The combination of humour and emotional lyrics with an excellent musical illustration makes the album easier for listening and understanding of a much wider auditory.

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