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This is hipsterisation of soviet experimental rock. It is viscous, violent and nervous.

Current composition:
Kei Regis — vocals, lyrics, concept.
Stanislav The Trapper — author of music, solo and rhythm guitar, one man midi band, back vocals. Since showman Artem “The Evil Hedgehog” Bolshakov has left the band, he has become a snide post-apocalyptic choreographer.
Alexx «Kovalyk» Savelyev — bass, youthful agility.

Actually, they all are dead.

The quasi neofolk band called Максимальный риск existed in Dniepropetrovsk in 2006-2007 years. They perfomed in orphanage “Hope” and recorded fifteen-minutes angst mind eater “Balance”, that shits on esthetic representation of hypothetic listener in fact. In 2007 occult jankies dressed in cotton hoodie wanted more and more serious. Regis gone away in magic order. Frost gone away to play post-hardcore in Burning Plains. And Trapper changed his music orientation to new russian trash-metal. He taken part in band Конгломерат им. Жака де Моле. Later he gone away in game development and solo project Траппер. But it would not became true.

In the 5 of November of unknown year Regis and Frost accidentally meet each other in the same shooting galleries, where Frost wanted to not remember about traumatic period of art in Maximum Risk and gone away. When in the fall of 2009 2/3 of concept of nuclear of note-terroristic combat robot returned into underground for following four rules:

1. No women.
2. No covers.
3. No advertisement.
4. On drugs.

History continued in extra slow recording new songs, trying of taking part in popular tv-show of talented youngsters and extreme short performance on festival “Tanabata. Light of Seventh Night” in July of 2011, where noisy miserables turn off sound and in horror chased from the scene.

In nowadays band is preparing for the making video, hoping to conclude a harmless gay erotica new system of breathing and truly destructive codes.

«Doctor Lobster is a man, who fuck a lot of objectively beautiful ladies and he is fed up of them. So now he fuck ugly ones. But in contrast of this man we impose our ugly ladies: expose them on the scene and ask audiense: «Why do not you fuck them? You are not fed up of beautiful ladies?»

We orientate on two thing. In first, it is funny. In second, rock n roll was ugly lady in past, but became beautiful one now».

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