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Bugotak (Cyrillic: Буготак) is an ethnic project found in 2004 in Novosibirsk, Russia, by Sayan Andriyanov, a multi-instrument player and performer.

The ethnic project 'Буготак' (Downloadable at Bugotak) aims to play true Siberian folklore combining traditional instruments and modern technique.

Bugotak plays native siberian music in these variations:
Mostly - northern turkic (Altai, Tuva, inc. throat singing), but also Tungus-manchurian, and music of the Deep Northern folks (Eveny, Negidaltsy, Orci etc)
Mostly - traditional folklore, but also ethnic turkic rock and hard ambient.
Mostly - its own songs, but also original folk songs and tributes to rock classics, played in traditional Siberian instruments.

The main idea of Bugotak's art is that only those traditions come alive, which develop themselves; stark traditions are subject to nobody. Therefore, the project declares itself to play in any style, keeping native Siberian spirit. Lovers of 'pure folk' should stay away, to avoid stagnation of native folks culture.

Bugotak was found by Георгий Андриянов, a multi-instrument player and throat singing performer in 2004. Year 2006 cast: Георгий Андриянов (George Andriyanov), Татьяна Романова (Tanya Romanova) & Дмитрий Швецов (Dmitry Shvetsov).
Awards in 2006: - 'The best folklore band' within professional performers on The Baykal Necklace international festival (Ulan-Ude, Russia)
Буготак was played on many radios including BBC Radio 3, Gulbahar Kultur (Radio Corax), Radio Kiev, Culture Channel Moscow (Laboratory of Mikhail Antonov), Schum and many others (tell us if You know one). And there was ProSvet TV show with Bugotak in 2005.

Сибирские Сказки (Siberian Tales)- (p)Panfiloff Records, 2005
Предтечи (The Unborn) - 2004
Altyn Achyk clip
Coming soon: Каверлар (Coverlar)

Topshur (Doshpulur, Hur) - a 2-string turkic domra
Igil (Yykh, Morin huur) - 2-string bowed instrument with horsehair strings
Tungur - shaman drum
Khomus (Temir-khomus) - same as jaws harp
Limbi - chinese flute, adopted by siberian mongol and manchuri folks

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