• Master 20 years - concert in club "Shadow" 28.04.05

    3 Jul 2007, 18:09 by Tru_Demon

    Master (Мастер) would like to introduce you with Russian thrash/heavy metal group was formed in 1987 as a result of leaving(care) from the Aria (Ария, heavy metal, Russia) guitarist Андрей Большаков (Andrei Bolshakov) and bass player Алик Грановский (Alike Granovskiy). The musical orientation of the Master was clear from the very beginning - transition from simple heavy metal of sounding to more intensive thrash to music.
    Recently to the Master 20 years were executed. I have written the report on this concert in magazine.
    The discography has 9 number albums: Мастер (1987), С петлёй на шее (1989), Talk Of
    The Devil (1991), Maniac Party (1994), Песни мёртвых (1996), Лабиринт (2000), 33 Жизни (2004), Акустика (2005), По Ту Сторону Сна(2006).
    Structure of band for today: Lexx (vocal),
    Alexey Strayk (Алексей Страйк) (guitar), Alik Granovskiy (a bass guitar), Alexander Karpuhin (drums).
    Alexey Strayk, Alik Granovskiy have the solo projects... …