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fauxmusica (-), or ʄ≜uxmuℭica (), was an noise project initiated by Zane Michael O'Brien in as a collaborative effort between himself and Bradford Cox (Atlas Sound). The two were never able to agree on a direction of joint artistic collaboration and Bradford quickly left the project to focus soley on his songwriting role in Deerhunter. This disjuncture was primarily focused around O'Briens emphasis on virtual instruments. Zane continued to record his debut ep, "Hello Subversive Arcitecht", with Woodberry Shortridge and James B. Parker at Parker's home studio in Atlanta, Ga. After the self-release in , no further recordings were made until as O'Brien scattered himself across the country on various road trips eventually leading to international travel, jetsetting for nearly three and a half years. Tired of music scenes and afraid of public persecution, O'Brien decided to use the Yorba Zergot monicker to mask his online identity. In he met Sheilah Pouttu and she agreed to let him use her home recording studio if he would help her relocate to Thailand. Early in Pouttu and O'Brien packed up Sheilah's home studio in Santa Cruz, CA (adjacent to Lorin Ashton aka Bassnectar's rehearsal space) and carried the nearly three-hundred kilograms of outboard gear around Southeast Asia recording in hotel rooms at destinations like Bali, Indonesia and various places around Thailand, Cambodia, and Malysia. Frustrated at not being able to find gigs for live performances, O'Brien left Southeast Asia shortly after the completion of the Lofi# Scifi# and WEPOWNZ recordings early in . Having been a herald of the movement and left out of the press releases O'Brien quickly changed to using unicode in his artist name to distance or somehow subvert the movement in . The project was disbanded in by O'Brien (Pouttu was no longer contributing to the project after ) to focus soley on the more lyrical Sacred Star material. The disbandment of the project was made prior to his first commercial release as fauxmusica.
Atlanta, Georgia - United States

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