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This is the correct spelling for the icelandic composer.
Biography taken from olafurarnalds.com

“Beautiful in the same way the Antartica is”

Fragile, emotional, classical indie music would maybe be the best term to describe Ólafur Arnalds’ music. Combining classical instrumentation with an indierock aesthetic there are obvious comparisons to Sigur Ros, but Arnalds is sculpting his own epic, string-laden compositions.

Ólafur is just 20 years old, hails from the suburbian town Mosfellsbær, just a few kilometers out of Reykjavík. Besides his soloproject, Ólafur plays drums in two hardcore bands, Fighting Shit and Celestine, and he also plays piano, banjo, guitar and drums in his friend’s soloproject, My Summer as a Salvation Soldier. His first solo album, “Eulogy for Evolution”, has been highly praised by the media and local music fans in Iceland and has already created quite a buzz around Europe and even all the way to Japan despite several delays of it’s release. The album is finally being released in Europe, USA and Japan by Progression.is and in the UK by cinematic music label Erased Tapes in September 2007.

Ólafur recently supported american indie-rock band Cursive on a tour around Germany. Despite the musical differences of the two bands, the tour went really well and the audiences were amazed by the unexpected slow-building and hauntingly melodic chamber music, accompanied by electronic ambience, loops and sometimes heavy electronic beats.

Love for 'Eulogy for Evolution':

“Best debut I’ve heard in a long time”
4/5 – rjominn.is
4/5 – Morgunblaðið (IS)
3/5 – Fréttablaðið (IS)
4,5/5 – poisonfree.com
8,5/10 – Rock Hard Magazine
"Album of the week" – urbandesire.de

"We are absolutely honoured to announce multi-instrumentalist Ólafur Arnalds as the lastest addition to the Erased Tapes family. Óli is only 20 years old, hails from the suburbian town Mosfellsbær, just a few kilometers out of Reykjavík.
His combination of classical instrumentation and indierock aesthetic fits in like a puzzle." - Erased Tapes Records

"I´ve only known Ólafur Arnalds (usually referred to as Óli) properly for about 3 years. Up until then we just kinda knew of each other because we are both active members in the hardcore/punk scene. Óli has been playing music for god-knows how long, I think he has a picture up in his bedroom of himself playing drums when he´s seriously like 5 or something so it doesn´t surprise me at all that he´s doing something like this now. I mean, to someone like me, who doesn´t even know how to play a single chord on a guitar, those semi classical pieces like he´s creating look like a racecar engine to a hamster; it looks magnificent and intricate and unbelievably hard to make but I can´t even begin to wrap my mind around it and to make music like this when you´re only 19 like Óli is just goes to show the level of competence he´s at. I get to experience it at another level because we´re in a hardcore band together called Fighting Shit and I think it´s pretty amazing to be able to focus your talents in such different areas of music. I think stagnancy is the musicians worst enemy and I definetly don´t see him struggle with that, whether it´s in our band, his solo stuff or with My Summer As A Salvation Soldier. I think he also writes and produces pop music on the sideI have no idea how he finds the time to play video games.
To tell you the truth I only heard it properly for the first time a couple of days ago but it´s really something. It goes the whole nine yards, you know? One minute it´s really minimalistic and cute and the next it´s erupting in some grand explosion. It´s mainly piano and strings along with atmospheric sounds but in the more dramatic bits he introduces both drums and electric guitar. Obviously people are going to compare him to Sigur Rós, I mean, he´s from Mosfellsbær which is where Sigur Rós are from so there´s the first connection right there and yes, I can see why people would compare them. The music is similar up to a point but Óli has maybe a more classical approach to his music, it´s kinda like an indie band playing their music with classical instrumentsyou just kinda have to listen to it to get what I´m talking about. I mean, as soon as you´ve listened to his songs a couple of times you stop comparing him to anyone else, maybe not because he´s making something entirely new but just because he really pours a large amount of sincerity into his music and I think that really shines through. He also ties the music to a concept each time he makes it so that gives it a certain level of consistency and makes it more of a whole.
I once saw a quote about his music that was something like His music touches you in a way, that is deeper than ordinary sounds, it brings out feelings, longings and dreams you did not know before. It inflames an innermost fire. I don´t know, maybe that says it better than my rambling but I think it´s pretty spot on although I find it hard reading that quote without smiling at how epic it is but that´s how his music is, it´s epic. I mean, he´s written intros and outros for Heaven Shall Burn, you have to be pretty damn epic to work with a german metal band. It´s actually their guitarist who runs Progress(ion) Records who are putting out Óli´s debut solo album in october or november, titled Eulogy For Evolution. I just hope people will notice him sooner or later because I think his music is actually really good for you, it makes you feel all warm and happy and melancholic at the same time and there aren´t a lot of artists who manage to make you feel real, physical emotions like that." - Spitting Hatred

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