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  • 活動期間

    1970 ~ 1974 (4 年間)

  • メンバー

    • Brian Forster
    • Danny Bonaduce
    • David Cassidy
    • Jeremy Gelbwaks
    • Jerry Whitman
    • John Bahler
    • Ricky Segall
    • Robin Ward
    • Ron Hicklin
    • Shirley Jones
    • Stan Farber
    • Susan Dey
    • Suzanne Crough
    • Tom Bahler

Introduce by Description of "The Partride Family Album"
"Partridge Family"=Created by Screenwriter Bermard Slade. "The Partridge Family " was inspired by real-life family rock band The Cowsills. Columbia Pictures television was interested in the idea, though they felt the show needed an established star to draw in viewers. With mother Barbara Cowsill out of contention for the role, the idea of using the actual Cowsills was never seriously considered and the task of casting began in earnest.
Shirley Jones, an Oscar-winning actress and veteran of several Rogers & Hammerstein musicals, was quickly cast as the mother. Lengthy auditions were held to fill out Mrs. Partridge's auditioned to be part of the lip-synched brood. Columbia Pictures, searched for producer to create the show's soundtrack. The songwriting team of Boyce and Hart, best known for their work with the "Monkees", was approached to produce The Partride Family.
"The Partridge Family Album" was released on November 7th, 1970, and sold over one million copies by the end of the year, reaching #4 on the LP charts.
 上記は、”The Partridge Family Album"からの要訳引用。日本では、1970年代、テレビで海外版ホームドラマとして放映された。ティーンズ雑誌に、David Cassidyのクリップ写真がよく掲載され、当時の少女たちに人気があった。歌手としてだけのDavidでは、そんなに人気が出るとは思われないが、俳優としての彼の演技や、パーソナリティが当時の日本の少女たちの心をつかんだのだろう。シングルカットされた"I Think I Love You"は、日本でも大ヒットした。70年代、ビートルズ以降の洋楽ブーム全盛時代の中のPop グループのひとつが、"The Partridge Family"である。

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