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RHEDORIC is a Japanese Rock band formed in 2012. by Guitarist Yusuke Suga (ex. 12012) and Guitarist TOMO (ex. Deflina Ma'riage &199X) in 2012, under the concept of being the "one and only" style of music, which cannot be categorized into specific genre's in Tokyo. Soon after the formation, Bassist Shigure (ex. uBuGoe & Gill'e cadith), Drummer Takuya Kusunose (ex. Hysteric Blue), and Vocalist Yuji (ex. Gravity ZERO) joined the band.
RHEDORIC became a four member band as Takuya Kusunose left the band in March 2014. In July 2014, Yuji and Tomo had been welcomed to perform as the RHEDORIC in Los Angeles, where the band had been welcomed with great supporters from the States. RHEDORIC's first album "Jiggy", released in October of the same year, had been completely sold out and is now difficult to obtain.

In 2015, while preparing for the band's 3rd year anniversary, Yuji had been injured in an accident and the band was forced into a resting period. The band resumed its activated in August as Yuji returned to the band after his rehab. On October 2015, the 2nd press of "Jiggy" had been released through Universal Music Japan. The first release of the CD's were sold out within the pre-order session, which had left the stores unable to display the disks on the day of the release. "Jiggy" had also been released in digital format world-wide through Nameless throughout the States, Europe, and Asia for oversea fans. In November 2015, Drummer Naruka had joined the band and the band released a digital single world-wide called "WORLD" and its newest mini album "Garyou Tensei" in December.

In February 2016, the band had announced its first full member California tour to celebrate their 4th year anniversary in Los Angeles. RHEDORIC had held an instore meet and greet as well as performed 2 live concert in Hollywood including a show with Uli Jon Roth (Scorpions), Jennifer Batten (Michael Jackson), and Andy Timmons at the Whiskey a go go in Hollywood on March 12.

* Yuji (雄志) - Vocals. Former CARAT (カラット) & GravityZEЯO.
* Tomo - guitar. Former Deflina Ma'riage & DEFLOWER & 199x member.
* Yusuke Suga (須賀勇介) - guitar. Former member of Visual Kei Band 12012 member. Currently Total Objection member.
* Shigure (時雨) - Bass. Support member of Kamijo member.
* Naruka (成華) - Drums. Former CARAT (カラット) & ClearVeil.
Former members
* Takuya (拓哉) - Drums. Former Hysteric Blue.
Officially left band as of March 2014.
*「片隅ノ世界」 Live Limited Release Single (2012/3/24)
*「メランコリック」 1st Digital Single (2012/01/28)
*「核壊~Core Break~」 2nd Digital Single (2012/02/18)
*「possibility」 3rd Digital Single (2012/03/10)
*「Call My Name」 4th Digital Single (2013/03/24)
*「Truth」 5th Digital Single (2013/04/24)
*「Critical」6th Digital Single (2013/05/24)
*「Jiggy」 1st Full Album (1st Press) (2014/10/14)
*「Jiggy」 1st Full Album (2nd Press) (2015/10/13)
*「Agitation Clysis ~PPF~』」 Omnibus Album (2015/11/17)
*「WORLD」7th Digital Single (2015/12/16)
*「画竜点睛」1st Mini Album (2015/12/23)

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