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  • 活動期間

    2017 ~現在 (2 年間)

  • メンバー

    • 青山ウィリアム

INTERSECTION are a boy band based in tokyo, composed of William, Kazuma, Caelan, Mika. INTERSECTION (intersection) is the place where the four people who were born and raised in different cultures, got together, and they will transmit music and activities from the center, Tokyo, to the world.

【Member BIO】

William Aoyama

William was born in California and came to Japan at the age of two. Since then he “spent all my time practicing to go to Junior Olympics in swimming.” At the age of fourteen, he was scouted to the entertainment business and it was then when William really began to work on his music. He has a unique style of expressing and communicating, and his thoughts are not simple. In that sense William is very artistic and possess the talent to accompany that characteristic. William has high skill as a vocalist whilst also writing songs for the group, and is getting much respect from other members.

*Plasce of Birth / California (US)

Kazuma Mitchell

Born in an elite family of parents that graduated Harvard University, Kazuma used to live in the upper side of NY and first came to Japan at the age of eight. At first, he was enrolled into an ordinary Japanese elementary school and had a hard time because he could not speak Japanese at all. Because of his smooth operation of all things and fine looks, it may seem Kazuma is unapproachable but his tone of voice is very mild and is a boy who laughs a lot. Currently, he is the exclusive model for the magazine MENʼS NON-NO(Japan Fashion Magazine).

*Plasce of Birth / New York (US)

Caelan Moriarty

Since he was little, Caelan lived in many countries because of his fatherʼs business who was an Irish American. Caelan was born in a military base in Cuba, then lived in Virginia Beach, Spain, Hawaii and Japan. Growing up in diverse cultures, Caelan is curious and interested in all things. He is the youngest in the group and is the young brother figure who is innocent and fun loving. He sets the mood for the group by always being fun and making other members laugh.

*Plasce of Birth / Cuba

Mika Hashizume

Mika grew up in the grand nature of Hawaii until he was sixteen, dreaming to be a professional soccer player. As a kindhearted and caring young man, Mika has the role of a leader as the eldest in the group.

*Plasce of Birth / Hawaii


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